About Robert J. Shimonski

Robert J. Shimonski has numerous certifications and is a Lead Network and Security Engineer for a major manufacturing company. Robert's specialties include network infrastructure design, security design, and network management and troubleshooting using many products including firewalls and multiple Cisco products. Robert is the author of many security-related articles and published books, including the Sniffer Network Optimization and Troubleshooting Handbook and the upcoming Security+ Study Guide and DVD Training System both from Syngress Media, Inc. Read more about Robert at his site, http://rsnetworks.net, and be sure to check out his book on using Network Associates Sniffer Solutions suite of tools: Sniffer Pro Network Optimization & Troubleshooting Handbook.
Planning For Disaster Recovery

We are only human. We cannot plan for everything, not everything is foreseeable, but we do learn from history do we not? In every seminar you attend for Disaster Recover or Business Continuity, you probably threw your nose up at the price offering that was mention as well. Why should we have two sets of everything? I don’t want to even pay for the one I have. For any IT department that’s treated like the companies Cancer, you know EXACTLY what I mean. This is usually the case until its too late… Disaster Recovery is one of those subjects that many technicians pay no attention to.

Network Denial of Service Attacks. Can you hack it?

These days there are significant increases in network-based attacks and among them is the dreaded Denial-of-Service attack, which can leave your systems either unusable or unreachable. Although these attacks don’t make the news as often as they did when Yahoo.com was taken down by a massive Distributed Denial of Service attack, they are still prevalent.