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Take Your Good Idea One Step Further

Whether you’re an executive, a member of a team, or an entrepreneur you often think ahead. When you do it in a formal sense, it’s called it planning; when you do it informally it’s something like speculating.

3 Ways to Make Your Communication More Persuasive

Is all communication persuasive, aimed at convincing others to act or think as we wish? Sometimes it seem like it is. At the least, we can say that much of what we communicate has a persuasion component in it.

Consider this article, which takes an editorial rather than an overtly persuasive approach. Yet, the underlying premise is that strategic communication works more effectively than communication without a conscious purpose. So, I’m trying to persuade you that one approach (the strategic) to communication works better than another.

Recognizing Your Diverse Audiences

Do you think of everyone in your audiences as being the same, or do you think of them as members of diverse groups? I once had a confusing semester in business school (actually most of them were confusing to me, but this one more so than the others) when I took courses in accounting and finance at the same time. Before starting, I thought of them as being much the same: number- driven exercises.