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Rob Thrasher is an internationally published author, reaching up to one million readers each month. He is co-founder of XM Mail Server, at http://www.xmmailserver.com, and founder of the New Millennium Minds Blog. http://www.cybervillage.com/blog/
Email Delivery & The War Against Spam

The war is afoot between legitimate senders of mass email and spammers. There is an ever-increasing number of tools, in the form of algorithms and list management tools. These tools will affect email delivery and reduce the amount of spam that has hijacked the email industry.

Post-Google Earth

Google is probably the most advanced Web tool in modern history and both I, and all my partners, use and love Google.

Search Engine Optimization’s Newest Secrets

Recent articles released by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms have glossed over the fact that there is a back door utilizing news releases to gain an advantage in the search engines with key-phrases of value to your Web-based venture.

New Millennium Minds: inSpire


How a computer combined with a passion for art and an unbeatable spirit resulted in one of the most talented artist/entrepreneur’s of the New Millennium.

On Wednesday, November 6th, 2002, I attended the Meet The Makers seminar at the Millennium Broadway in New York City. The guest list included senior executives from companies such as AT&T, ABC, Clear Channel, Comedy Central and MTV. None, though, more compelling than the guest whose name many readers of this article have never heard before.