About Rob Taylor

Rob Taylor has been writing & publishing information products online since 1996. He is the publisher of Ted Nicholas & Stuart Goldsmiths classic direct mail home study course The Golden Mailbox. Details at http://www.megastep.com/gm
How to Drive a Stampede of Laser Targeted Traffic Using Postcards

How would you like to make $4 for EVERY visitor who hits your site? How about $8? Would you be interested?

Find Your Niche & Follow It

Mark Twain once said: “Find out where the people are going and get there first”.

How to Build Massive Keyword Lists

As keyword marketing becomes more and more expensive and competitive, it has become essential when building your lists to focus on the maximum number of phrases and their variations that a surfer might enter into the search engines.

Find Your Niche & Follow It – Part 1

In this article I’m going to show you how to find out if there’s a hungry crowd for your information product BEFORE you write a single word.