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Pay Per Click in 2006 :The Latest News and Tactics
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There is probably no one who doubts that PPC is here for the long term. And while many dismissed PPC in the early days, it is clear, based on earnings reported by the search engines, that PPC is here to stay.

Could the New Google Spider be Causing Issues with Websites?
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Around the time Google announced “Big Daddy,” there was a new Googlebot roaming the web. Since then I’ve heard stories from clients of websites and servers going down and previously unindexed content getting indexed.

Google Sitemaps :: Are They Or Aren’t They Lucrative SEO Tools?
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Google has had a feature out for some time which allows webmasters to create a sitemap file to help Google’s crawlers find and index content.

Content Layering :: Using Site Architecture To Improve SEO
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Many times, a site gets very large and its ability to rank well in competitive markets decreases in part because of the size of the site.

Reputation Management :: A Prerequisite of Effective Link Building

Over the past few articles I’ve brought you different tactics you can use to help build quality links to your site.

TrustRank + Sandbox = TrustBox??

There seems to be a new term emerging around the whole sandbox/trustrank issue. In this article I look at that new term and discuss it’s implications in the SEO field.

Wiki – What SEOs Can Learn From It

I’ve been actively researching ways to quickly and effectively build content to websites. And while blogs tend to be near the top of the list, there are other opportunities out there.

Server Issues Which Can Affect Search Engine Rankings
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I was recently helping someone troubleshoot some problems at SearchEngineWatch forums and it struck me that I should write an article about this and other issues.

Planning a Site Redesign? Read This First!
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I can’t tell you how many sites I’ve consulted on where, without a word to the SEM team, the site owner re-launches with a brand new site.

SEO and Search Engine Forums & Conferences: Are They Really Helpful?

Working in the SEO/SEM industry can be very rewarding. Many times a problem can be solved simply with a little online research, and posts on a few forums.

Deep Linking: How to Build Quality Links to Deeper Content

Sometimes one of the hardest things to do for any website is build links to deep content.

Reverse Engineering Google’s Business Strategies

What’s in a name? That’s a good question. Some feel that the name that you are given at birth provides and accurate description of who you will turn out to be.

Flash, SEO and Optimization – How to Properly use Flash on Your Websites
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Flash movies can be a great thing. They can help catch eyes that are otherwise bored with static looking pages, and they can help tell a story better than plain text.

Choosing a CMS (Content Management System)
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Content Management Systems (or CMS) have been in use on the web for some time now, however up until recently very few systems were considered search engine friendly.

What will Google do with $4 billion?

Google. Currently trading at close to $300 per share.