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Rob is a software engineer, database developer, web developer, social media user, programming geek, avid reader, sports fan, data geek, and statistics geek. He does not care if something is new and shiny. He wants to know if it works, if it is better than what he uses now, and whether it makes his job or my life easier. Rob is also the author of RegularGeek.com and Founder of YackTrack.com, a social media monitoring and tracking tool.
Musings On The Cloud, Platforms And Developers Musings On The Cloud, Platforms And Developers

The other day Apple made a bunch of announcements and the technology blogs were in a frenzy. There were some interesting bits of information, though much of the announcements talked about things to be released in the fall. I wanted …

Google +1 Is Just The Beginning
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Unless you were not reading any technology news, you heard that Google finally announced Google +1. Google’s social networking and social features have been rumored for what seems like forever. Now we finally get to see some pieces of their …

eBay To Compete With Amazon With GSI Commerce Acquisition
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I had always wondered when someone would buy GSI Commerce (GSIC). eBay made the announcement that they have decided to purchase them in a very interesting move. Like many people, you may be wondering who is GSI Commerce? Well, they …

Implicit Social Graphs Rise From Interest Not Location
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There has been a ton of conversation about social graphs, location and photo sharing lately. Most of this conversation has arisen due to the release of the photo-sharing application Color. The photo-sharing part of the discussion is only a gateway …

Search, Personalization And Recommendation
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Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about the future of our information consumption. Are we going to be using search in a different way or using niche search engines? Are we going to get recommendations from from our social network? Will the results be personalized based on our behaviors, or even just a list of topics that we like? If you ask three different people you will probably get three different answers. The context can also change the answer. If someone is mobile, search may not be as relevant as recommendations.