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Review: Time Warner Cable TV iPad App
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Being a Time Warner Cable TV subscriber, I naturally snagged the new TWC iPad app to try out immediately on release. As someone considering cutting the cord at some point, I wanted to see what my cable company might have …

SMX West – Generation Next: Search In The Coming Decade

Day 3 of SMX West kicked off with a group keynote titled Generation Next: Search In The Coming Decade moderated by Search Engine Land’s Executive Editor Chris Sherman and Gord Hotchkiss, President and CEO of Enquiro.

The panel of speakers included representatives from the major search engines – Brad Goldberg of Microsoft, Larry Heck with Yahoo! and Peter Norvig of Google – discussing where they see search going in the next decade.

Will search as we know it will survive?

SMX West – Keynote by Louis Monier

Louis Monier gives keynote on Day 2 of SMX West 2008

Day 2 of SMX West 2008 was kicked off with a keynote by Louis Monier, formerly with Google, eBay and Alta Vista and currently Vice President of Products for Cuill, an up and coming search property.

Monier made it clear that his address would be on search history and future aspects and not on Cuill.

SMX West – Search Bowl Winners!

The Google team won the SMX West 2008 Search Engine Bowl

The Search Bowl capped off the first day of SMX West 2008 with Danny Sullivan moderating a search history game show style competition between teams from the Big Four search engines – Google, Microsoft, Ask and Yahoo! – along with an SEM All-Stars team.

Well, as usual, Google kicked butt and took home the trophy.

SMX West – Danny Sullivan’s Keynote

Danny Sulivan's keynote at SMX West

Danny Sullivan giving his keynote address at SMX West 2008 in Santa Clara, CA. He discussed the evolution of search from strictly web page results to the current blended results that he refers to as Search 3.0 and the coming Search 4.o, personalized search.

SEO and Understanding Your Brand

I always recommend that folks optimizing their web sites take great care to not confuse the name of their company with what the searchers are actually trying to find, which is frequently the brand.

Unless you are someone like Coca-Cola or your name is the same as your product and brand, you should generally leave your company name out of the title tag of your pages. If you absolutely must have it there, put it at the end.

Absolute and Relative URLs

I have this ongoing discussion with the development team of one of my clients. They insist on using relative URLs on their numerous development servers. Naturally, I tell them that those can lead to trouble when the pages go live and, of course, they do.

What is the difference between an absolute URL and a relative URL? For newbies out there, a relative URL points to links on a server in a local manner like this – a href="contact.html" – where you just point to the page link like you are right there working on the server.

Can Google’s Algo Co-exist with Trust?

In a previous article, Is Universal Search Harder?, I discussed how a universal type of search can actually make finding what you are searching for more difficult. Google includes their own version of Universal Search in many of their search results pages, bringing us news, images, videos and so forth along with traditional web pages.

Google Wants to Dominate Social Media Too

Google apparently wants to dominate the social media as well as search, ads, the airwaves and, well, the world as we know it.

Google’s Behavioral Targeting the new Dinnertime Telemarketer?

I dunno. Lately I’m finding that if I notice that I’m still logged into Google that I rush to sign out. It just creeps me out to know that everywhere I go on the web if I’m signed in, Google is following me.

Quick SEO Tips

One of the features on my blog, The Web Optimist, is a tip box that shows a different random search engine optimization tip each time a page is loaded. As I come across little pearls of wisdom, I add it to the collection.

Google and Personalized Search

Another way that Google has changed the playing field as far as search engine optimization is through Personalized Search.