About Rich Ottum

Rich Ottum is General Manager of eStrategyOne, an online marketing solutions company in Columbus, Ohio.

Marketing with Email Newsletters

Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, email newsletters can be an effective marketing tool to boost website traffic, increase product sales, and facilitate customer relationships. Unfortunately, many companies have recently abandoned their email newsletters, fearing non-compliance with the national CAN-SPAM act, or with various state anti-spam regulations. Your business can still enjoy the benefits of email newsletter marketing if you follow these key best practices.

10 Steps to Marketing with Business Weblogs

Pick up any current business magazine these days, and you’re certain to see an article championing business blogs or the marvels of RSS publishing. Pundits and researchers are still debating the size and the relevance of the blog universe, but this much is certain–savvy marketers are blogging with or without acknowledgement from the media.