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Top Yahoo Searches of 2004

One of my regular web stops is the Yahoo Search blog. Today they made a post listing the top searches on Yahoo in 2004 … definately worth a mention in WebProNews.

Google Is A Cool Place To Work, Just Ask Them

Apparently, it’s getting a bit harder for Google to attract the talent it needs to continue its amazing success … at least that’s the impression I get from this Google blog post …

Video Game Publishers Are Takeover Targets

An interesting article in the Wall Street Journal today makes the case that 2005 will be the year of takeovers in the video game industry.

Google Rumored To Limit Adwords To One Ad Per Page

Several sources point to a rumor that Google is going to limit each search result to only one AdWords ad.

Arrest of Avnish Bajaj, CEO of baazee.com Is Deplorable

It’s a weird case involving the sale of illicit internet porn, video via cell phone and the internet auction sell of VCDs.

Yahoo Search Blog Was Created To Reach Influencers

Nancy Evars, one of the creators of the Yahoo Search blog, says that their blog was not created for PR, but rather as a way to reach “influencers”.

MSN Desktop Search Feedback

Since Microsoft officially announced the availablity of the MSN Desktop Search their blog has received over 100 comments which includes some interesting and useful feedback.

Most Searched For Gifts On Yahoo
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If you are having trouble deciding what to buy for gifts Yahoo has come to the rescue. Greg Gunwall, Sr. Product Manager of Yahoo! Shopping tells us what others are searching for and buying.

Google Software Downloads On One Page

The Google Blog team has just made Christmas easier. They announced a new page on Google where all of the Google software downloads are neatly available for download from a single web page.

Google To Scan Millions of Library Books

Google announced yesterday that they have agreements with several large libraries to scan books whose copyrights have expired.

Google Launches 7 Foreign Language Editions of Google News
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Google announced late last night that they have launched seven non-english editions of their extremely popular Google News service.

Google Opens R&D Center In Tokyo

Google officially opened their R&D doors in Tokyo, Japan last week with a series of open houses to celebrate and outreach.

Yahoo!’s Year End Party Celebration

According to the Yahoo search blog one hell of a party took place Saturday celebrating another great year for Yahoo Inc. and its employees.

A Look Inside the World of Yahoo Search

Part 2 of the insightful interview that we mentioned last week with Yahoo Engineering Manager Tim Converse has been published in the Yahoo blog.

MSN Search Improving Spelling Correction System

The MSN Search team is focused on improving the system its search engine uses to correct spelling mistakes of searchers.

“Ken Jennings” Yahoo Searches Skyrocketed 318%

When super smart Ken Jennings finally answered wrong on Jeopardy Yahoo search results for his name shot up 318%.

Drudge Report Is Third Most Searched For News Source

According to Google Zeitgeist, the internet based Drudge Report is the third most searched for news source as of October, 2004.

New Version of Google Groups Launched

Shannon Bauman, Associate Product Manager of Google Groups announced the launch of a new and improved Google Groups.

MSN Search Team Announces Beta Extentions

The MSN Search team announced in their blog a number of new beta extentions to the MSN search engine offered by outside developers.

Google CFO: Click Fraud Threatens Our Business Model
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At an investor conference Wednesday, Google CFO George Reyes stated — I think something has to be done about this really, really quickly, because I think, potentially, it threatens our business model.

Yahooligan Discusses Blog Comment Spam

The Yahoo blog is getting more interesting. A post today features a lengthy interview (for a blog) with Tim Converse, an engineering manager in Yahoo!’s Content group.

A Very Froogle Friday

Karen Padham, Froogle Product Manager, wants everyone to include Froogle in the day after Thanksgiving shopping tradition.

European Court To Rule On When Microsoft Has To Pay

According to news reports The European Union (EU)’s Court of First Instance will decide between December 18 and 20 whether Microsoft must pay the imposed penalties now or after all appeals are completed.

MSN Search Listening To Their Users

The Microsoft Search team, in their blog, thanked all of those who have given them feedback “via the website and around the blogosphere”.