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Google No Longer Top Brand

After two years in the top spot, Google is now second in the annual Brandchannel.com reader survey.

Google Dumps Dictionary For Answers

According to theunofficialgoogleweblog Google has completed the switch from Dictionary.com to Answers.com.

A fireFOX in the Google Hen House

Google’s hiring of the lead Firefox engineer has started the rumor mill rolling. Is this a prelude to the purchase of Firefox … First here is what Ben said in announcing his new gig:

Old Video of Steve Jobs Introducing the Mac

A link in SearchBrains.com that led to a blog post by Joe Wilcox of Jupiter Research linked to a restored video of Steve Jobs introducing the Macintosh for the first time.

Yahoo Adding Video Search Tab

Yahoo announced in their blog tonight that it is integrating video search into tabs on the Yahoo front page.

Firefox Success Stirs the Microsoft Haters

Any news that goes against Microsoft seems to enliven the anti – Microsoft crowd. This weeks news that FireFox is gaining ground on IE was no different.

Google Dramatically Increases Word Limit
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ResearchBuzz is reporting that Google has raised their previous 10 word search limit to 32. That’s quite a leap.

Negative Reactions To Outlook Hotmail Service

Microsoft offers a spiffy new service called Microsoft Office Outlook Live and what do people do … complain of course.

IT Conference For South Africa

ITWeb in conjunction with Brainier Capital are hosting the IT Confidence 2005 Conference in Johannesburg late next month.

MSN Joins Battle Against Blog Spam

Ken Moss, the General Manger of MSN Search Dev & Test announced in the MSN Search WebLog their support of the new NoFollow tag.

Google Introduces NoFollow Tag

Google had a lot to say in its blog today. Google sees blog comment spam as negatively effecting its Blogger.com asset.

Yahoo Comments On Comment Spam
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Yahoo joins Google, MSN, Apart and WordPress in approving a new technique to fight comment spam.

Firefox Spike Re-igniting Browser Wars

The Yahoo! search blog made a post about the sudden rise of Firefox. The possibility of a new browser war is interesting, but …

Google Goes Live In 11 More Countries

Eleven new countries – territories now have their own version of Google. Google now has over 100 country or region specific Google’s.

Google Claims Gmail Bug Fixed

According to published reports, Google has repaired a serious Gmail bug within 24 hours of its discovery by HBX Networks.

Daniel Versus Gooliath

I spoke to Daniel Brandt of Google-Watch today about his latest article about Google Print and possible privacy implications. Daniel’s long-standing issue with Google is its collection of individual user data, which he believes could be used against people.

Serious Bug Found In Google Gmail

HBX Networks has discovered a bug in Google Gmail that hackers could take advantage of to access private emails.

Yahoo Desktop Search Superior To Google & MSN
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Late yesterday, Yahoo announced the launch of their desktop search application that will compete directly with offerings from Google and MSN. At first glance, YDS appears superior in features and performance to Google and MSN desktop search apps.

Checkmate for Microsoft?

I was checking out our new SearchBrains.com site which crawls articles from numerous blogs related to the search engine industry and links to them minutes after they are posted.

Apple Getting A Bit Saucy

Apple, over the years, has enjoyed better press than probably any other company on the planet. Well, that hasn’t stopped Apple from going on the attack when it feels stung.

Microsoft Ramping Up Search Engine Use

Oshoma Momoh, General Manager of the MSN Search Program has announced that MSN will be directing more of its search traffic through their beta engine.

Snide Remarks About Microsoft Anti-Spyware Foray

Microsoft’s recent entry into the anti-spyware business has sparked a number of interesting (and often sarcastic) responses by the media, competitors and others.

eBay Turns In Its Passport

In a humiliating turn of events for Microsoft, eBay announced that it has dumped the Microsoft Passport user authentication system.

Blogs Moving To The Front Pew

Two surveys by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, indicate that, “by the end of 2004 blogs had established themselves as a key part of online culture”.