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Why Did WebmasterWorld Ban Google?

When I first saw this news I thought it was some sort of news parody. Who would think that WebmasterWorld wouldn’t want traffic from search engines.

Email Marketing Lives!

I think people forget that email marketing is still more powerful than search marketing.

Google Emails Analytics Users

I received an email from Google just after midnight last night updating the status of Google Analytics.

Google News Used To Be Better

Ever since Google News changed their algorithm 4 or 5 months back it just isn’t as good.

No Internet Bubble?

Another Internet Bubble? Not according to John Battelle writing in The New York Times Friday.

PubCon Notes – Las Vegas

Sorry about the lack of posting … I’ve been at PubCon all week … a search engine conference hosted by WebmasterWorld.

Google Analytics Off To Rough Start

It looks like a hiccup developed in the Google Analytics launch. When checking your stats Google is providing an error message:

Google Analytics To Alter Google Algorithm? Google Analytics To Alter Google Algorithm?
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The big news today is that Google has made Urchin free and renamed it Google Analytics. This could be a serious blow to competitors such as WebTrends, although I doubt Google will initially offer a free package that competes on an enterprise level.

Why Write a Blog?

There are thousands of blogs started everyday all with varying missions. Most are created because … it’s the thing to do.

Live Podcasts at Portable Media Expo

I was searching Google and Technorati looking for podcasts that were live or recorded at the Portable Media Expo in Ontario, California.

Blog Email Strategy

I’m new to blogging personally but I’m not new to opt-in email. Believe it or not email is still used by millions of people as a way to read content (email newsletters).

Technorati Delivering Unwanted Foreign Results

Is it just me or do blog search engines deliver horrible results? Possibly someone out there can point me to a blog search engine that doesn’t include so many spammy blogs in their database.

Googles New World Order

No doubt about it, Google has Gates-like ambitions. Bill Gates told Fortune magazine in a discussion about Google, “they are more like us than anyone else we have ever competed with.” Clearly, Google is the biggest threat to Microsoft dominance that Microsoft has ever seen.

Google News Patent Application – Full Text
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Google has filed a patent application titled: Systems and methods for improving the ranking of news articles.

Drudge: Bloggers Should Not Call Themselves Bloggers

Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report appeard on C-SPAN with Brian Lamb and discussed his distaste for the word BLOG.

American Idol Shocker: Constantine Maroulis Dumped!

In a hard to believe vote tonight on Fox Television’s American Idol … it wasn’t bad boy Scott and it wasn’t the young kid Anthony … it was Constantine who had the least votes and is now off the show.

Google Buys Urchin

Google has purchased the web site stat company Urchin. Urchin is a competitor to companies such as Webtrends which help webmasters track visitors.

WebTrends Sold Too! WebTrends Sold Too!

WebTrends has announced that it is being acquired by Francisco Partners from NetIQ. Francisco Partners is one of the world’s largest technology-focused private equity funds.

EU Forces Stupid Name On Microsoft: XP N

The official name of XP sold in European markets is Windows XP Home Edition N. The “N” stands for … now get this … “not with media player”.

Location Still Important With Internet PR

An article today reminded me that your location is still very important in getting press coverage.

Location Still Matters With Internet PR

An article today reminded me that your location is still very important in getting press coverage.

Is The Topix Deal For $5 Million or $50 Million?

Bambi Francisco over at MarketWatch is reporting that the funding Topix received from the newspaper companies was less than $5 million.

AOL Says Rumors Related To New TOS Terms Are False
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An AOL representive responded today to a Steve Rubel post criticizing new TOS terms via a comment in his Micro Persuasion blog.

Fred Durst Sends Gawker Flowers, Drops Gawker from Suit?

Fred Durst has apparently dropped Gawker from his lawsuit over the hosting of his hacked sex video.