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Google Getting Bad Press On YouTube

The acquisition of YouTube by Google has prompted more than a few negative articles. Using Google News I linked to a few of them below. Most of the articles tend to focus on Google taking the risk of billions in …

Will Google Link To YouTube?

Will Google change its home page “Video” link to YouTube? After all, Google Video has ten times less videos and traffic than YouTube. Of course, if Google links to YouTube it would probably mean the end for Google Video. That …

Howard Stern Remains Good News For Sirius

There is a lot of news today reporting on the latest quarterly financial report from Sirius. Most seem to be negative on Sirius and the money they are paying Howard Stern.

60 Minutes Previews Deal With Yahoo

60 Minutes announced a preview of its new arrangement with Yahoo at the end of their Sunday broadcast.

Google Finance or Google Portal?

Is Google Finance evidence of a Google Portal master plan? I think not. Google’s strategy is focused on creating pageviews in any way possible to satisfy a huge demand for targeted key word advertising.

KinderStart Sues Google Over PageRank
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KinderStart filed suit yesterday in U.S. District Court in San Jose alleging that Google improperly “blacklisted” its website.

Will AOL Members Leave Goodmail?

AOL will be implementing the Goodmail certified emailer system at the end of the month. This will create a new email tier guaranteeing that customers of Goodmail get their email delivered into the top of the inbox.

CBS Radio Suing Howard Stern Is A Joke

CBS Radio filed suit today against Howard Stern for $500 million for breach of contract and fraud.

Blogs Are Just Websites

The Internet has embraced blogs as both an individual and business revolution. For individuals it is a way to be heard and spread your point of view. For business it is both a way to foster customer loyalty and also a hip method of creating consumer buzz.

Outrage Over AOL Email Filtering Plans

AOL’s announcement last week that they are often deleting links and images from emails from those who aren’t whitelisted has created a firestorm from their subscribers.

ISP’s May Face Liability For Altering Email
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The recent announcement by AOL and Yahoo that they are going to use a pay to play email system called Goodmail raises an interesting question.

Goodmail Is About Money … Not Spam

What has become clear over the last few days is that Goodmail is not designed to combat spam. It’s sole purpose is to generate revenue for itself and partner ISP’s.

Goodmail Is A Bad Idea

Goodmail Systems announced that AOL and Yahoo are going to implement their pay-to-play email authentication system.

AOL: Why Keep Both a Whitelist and Goodmail?

According to DM News AOL has reversed its decision to eliminate its enhanced whitelist but still plans to use the Goodmail service.

Syndication Is No Replacement For Email

At the Syndication Conference in San Francisco there are a lot of believers in RSS as a replacement for email marketing. I can’t disagree more and finally … I found two speakers yesterday who still believe in email. Now, I have a vested interest here … my company iEntry Inc. which publishes WebProNews derives about 70% of our revenue via email ads in our newsletters. We have RSS feeds too!

Syndicate Conference Starts This Week

The Syndicate Conference begins Tuesday in San Francisco. The conference focuses on the latest B2B trends with blogs, podcasts and other sources of syndicated content.

SES Chicago Ends With a Blast

Update … As I suggested in my comment below the WebProNews team was stranded in Chicago last night. Over 7 inches of snow fell at O’Hare halting many flights. Unfortunately, by the time American Airlines canceled the flight late last night all area hotels were booked. After many calls,we found a few rooms at the hotel we have been at all week … the Hilton in downtown Chicago. We took the Blue Line train because cabs were virtually useless in the heavy snow. We ended up walking about 10 blocks in the snow from the station to the Hilton. All of this of course beats what many others went through.

News Search Engines Talk

I just left the “Meet The News Search Engines” session at SES Chicago. The speakers were Chris Tolles of Topix.net and Nathan Stoll of Google. Later, we will be hearing more about news search from WebProNews Editor Mike McDonald who interviewed Chris following after the session. There are lots of interesting plans for news search coming from Topix.

Google Analytics Is Pretty Good

I’ve been using the Google Analytics service for a few weeks on WebProBlog … and I give it two thumbs up.

Integrated Content Works … Ask Trump

Microsoft won this evenings Apprentice hands down. In today’s Tivo happy world content integrated marketing is the future and we all better get used to it.

Microsoft Office Live Meeting Wins Apprentice!

Microsoft won this evenings Apprentice hands down. In today’s Tivo happy world content integrated marketing is the future and we all better get used to it.

WebProNews Covering SES Chicago

WebProNews will be covering SES Chicago in force next week with myself, Mike McDonald, Chris Richardson and Jason Miller all sending in reports.

Ads On Blogs

I’ve noticed that the new Nick Wilson group blog Permancing is showing up as an advertiser on various blogs and related sites.

Nick Wilson Sells Threadwatch

Nick Wilson has sold Threadwatch to Aaron Wall of SEO Book.