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Wired Editor-In-Chief Posts Blocked PR Emails

Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief of Wired, has decided that offensive is a better defense when it comes to PR emails. He has published 329 of them in his blog for everyone to see … and email scrapers to grab!

Google Slams Paid Links? Good or Bad?
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Another under-the-radar-of-the-real-world blog firestorm erupted yesterday over high profile page rank drops. Google dropped visible PR of many blogs and mainstream news sites presumably as a penalty for selling links.

Social Media Marketing Strategies
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A WebProNews reporting team covered the SMX Social Media in New York City this week and delivered lots of unique video interviews and session reports.

Pay Per Click Party Over?
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First the good news. Pay per click, as it has been perfected by Google, is unarguably the Web’s highest business achievement to date. Google has become an international corporate icon worth more than some of the most famous name brands of our generation like Disney, McDonalds and Hertz.

AP Suing Moreover Like It’s 1999
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The Associated Press is suing news-aggregation site Moreover and its parent company VeriSign for copyright infringement for snippeting and linking to its news. This harkens back to the early days of the Internet when news aggregators were routinely legally hassled for linking.

EBay Creates Social Networking Neighborhoods

EBay has entered the crowded social networking space with an ecommerce twist it calls eBay Neighborhoods. These neighborhoods enable people to connect with others who share their passions for certain products or topics.

Strategies For Getting Into Podcasting

WebProNews’ Kara Ratliff caught up to Roxanne Darling from Bare Feet Studios and Beach Walks with Rox at the 2007 Podcast and New Media Expo.

Integrate Podcasting Into Your Marketing

Eric Schwartzman, Founder and Chairman of iPressroom, was video interviewed by WebProNews reporter Kara Ratliff at the Podcast & New Media Expo.

How Do You Value Podcast Content?

CEO of Gigavox Media, Michael Geoghegan answered that question in a video interview with WebProNews report Kara Ratliff at the Podcast Expo.

Podcasting: Big and Fantastic

The guys from the cutting edge pod firm BIGFANTASTIC talked about podcasting and and its promising future in a video interview at the Podcasting Expo in Ontario, CA.

Five Steps of Guerrilla Marketing

WebProNews video reporter Kara Ratcliff at the Podcast Expo interviewed KFC Blanchette from Podchick and SkyDiverGirls about her marketing strategies.

Google Earnings Conference Call Quotes

Google announced their earnings in a conference call. Financial details are in their press release here. Below are some of the more interesting quotes from Google CEO Eric Schmidt, co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and VP’s Jonathan Rosenberg, George Reyes and Omid Kordestani.

Google Revenue Up 63%

Google released their fourth quarter financial report and reported that year to year revenue increased 63%.

7 Reasons Google’s Paid Link Snitch Plan Sucks
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Matt Cutts blogged that Google would like you, the average search engine user, to report on sites you feel are displaying links for cash. This created a firestorm of negative responses from the SEO, webmaster, and free speech crowd. Below, I put together what I feel are the top 7 reasons Google’s paid link snitch plan sucks. I linked to my inspirations (No payment requested!).

Google DoubleClick: Quotes & Facts

The purchase of DoubleClick by Google is the most interesting purchase by a search engine since Yahoo’s acquisition of Overture. Google’s cash and willingness to spend it is astonishing industry observers and its search competitors, especially Microsoft and Yahoo. Below is a compilation of quotes and facts that illustrate the impact of this deal:

EU Seeks To Rip Off Microsoft Again
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The European Union is at it again with their money hungry threats against U.S. based Microsoft. This time the EU suggested a fine as high as euro3 million (US$4 million) a day, claiming in a BusinessWeek article that the software company was still not offering a fair deal to rivals seeking to make Windows-compatible server products.

(This is an editorial comment by WebProNews Publisher and iEntry CEO Rich Ord)

Google News Played by Foreign Sources?
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Take a look at Google News U.S. and how many obscure foreign news sources are linked to. Of course nothing is wrong with this until you realize that the stories these sources are writing about are U.S. based. Looking deeper it’s obvious that some of  the news sites appear to be only writing about these stories in order to get traffic from Google News U.S..

Alan Meckler To Buy Back Content Sites

Jupitermedia may be sold to Getty Images, but it is reported (as I speculated yesterday) that CEO Alan Meckler will buy back  all assets that are not Jupiterimages.

Good and Bad of Google Apps

Google today introduced Google Apps Premier Edition, a more advanced paid version of Google Apps .  Google launched Google Apps as a free service August 2006.  Google Apps Premier Edition will be available for free until April 30, 2007 and then cost $50 per  user account per year.

Jupitermedia To Be Acquired By Getty?

The New York Post reports that Getty Images is considering a purchase of digital image rival Jupitermedia Corp.  The purchase price would likely be an amount substantially higher than Jupitermedia’s current stock price of around $8 per share.

Over the last few years Jupitermedia has become a major player in online imaging by acquiring more than 25 online subscription image sites including Comstock and Photos.com.

Exclusive Video: Sitemaps.org Announcement

Vanessa Fox of Google and Tim Mayer announced sitemaps in an exclusive video interview with WebProNews reporter Chris Richardson. View All Videos In an exclusive video interview with WebProNews Yahoo and Google announced a collaborative site called sitemaps.org. Tim Mayer …

Another Chris Out At Jupitermedia

Long time Jupitermedia CFO Chris Baudouin announced his resignation this morning. This follows VP Chris Elwell’s announced departure only a couple of weeks ago! Jupitermedia CEO Alan Meckler joked in his blog this morning that there is “One Chris Too …

Google's Cross-Promotion Strategy

Steve Rubel in his Micropersuasion blog points out that Google News is now linking to Google Blog Search at the top of the home page. Steve asks if this is the beginning of an integration of news and blog search. …

JupiterWeb Goes Back To Business

JupiterMedia CEO Alan Meckler made an intriguing post in his blog announcing a refocusing on B2B content, tradeshows and acquisitions. He called the post JupiterWeb Rising. One thing we can read from this is that Alan’s mention of acquisitions means …