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Obama Redistribution of Wealth Video Rockets on YouTube
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An Obama video where the Senator talks about his desire to use government to "redistribute the wealth" has rocketed to the top of YouTube with over 1 million views since yesterday. It was linked to by The Drudge Report early this morning.

Can Jupitermedia Rise Again?
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Jupitermedia has great assets, a long history and is still run by the founder, Alan Meckler, who built the company from the ground up. As of this writing JUPM is at 45 cents a share, which values the company at only $16.25 million. It appears that there is no rational reason to explain this low valuation except that there are apparently very few investors interested in the stock.

27-Month-Old GigaOM Raises Another $4.5 Million

Giga Omni Media has raised another $4.5 million to help it continue expanding. This is quite the contrast to Gawker Media CEO Nick Denton’s announcement of cutbacks due to economic "doom" planned for January.

Om Malik has now raised $5.8 million since his firms inception. The latest funding round was led by  Alloy Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm.

Gawker Lays Off Staff & Brags About It!
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I’m going to be blunt here. The press coverage of the Gawker layoff memo is facinating in that they believe everything they are told and then proudly write about it! Isn’t it a bit curious that Nick is predicting doom and gloom while his sales are way up from last year and then encourages his writers to write articles on this news?

YouTube Video Causes Stir By Showing How Democrats Caused Crisis
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In another example of the power of the Internet to move public perception, a video that shows how the Democrats caused the current financial crises has nearly 850,000 views just hours after being linked to by The Drudge Report.

Updated (092908) to 850,000 views.

Digg Gets More Cash, Expanding Internationally
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Digg has raised an additional $27.8 million from a funding round led by Highland Capital Partners. The company has now taken nearly $40 million from investors over the last three years.

Democrat State Rep’s Son Target In Palin Email Hacking
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It looks like a young enthusiastic Democrat got carried away in the hunt for Sarah Palin dirt.

The Obama campaign and the Democratic party reportedly has lots of lawyers and others officially looking for dirt on Palin so its no wonder that David Kernell, the son of a Democrat politician thought he was duty bound to go the extra mile and break into Palin’s Yahoo account.

Rumor: Dmoz Selling To BOTW
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Jeremy Schoemaker, of the popular Shoemoney blog, posted that the owners of Best of the Web Directory are in talks to buy Dmoz from AOL and that a "deal could be reached fairly soon."

Twellow: The First Twitter Directory Launched
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Twellow, the first Twitter directory was launched today by WebProNews. Twellow currently indexes and categorizes over 300,000 Twitter users. Twellow.com is designed to assist you in finding real people who really matter.

The first reviews are positive …


Yahoo Has a Short Window To Prove Itself

Yahoo appears to have avoided disaster today with the stock only punished 15 percent or so. It is currently trading at $24.61 per share, down $4.06 from Friday’s close. Yahoo shares are still $5.13 higher than their price just before Microsoft’s offer three months ago.

Let’s Be Honest About Twitter
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Twitter is a great new tool for the Internet savvy but it may already have past its prime as a way to keep in touch. Just looking around at Twitter profiles shows that most users are following hundreds of people which means your Twitter screen on the web has all new Tweets about every five minutes. Not exactly user friendly!

Social Media Advertising To Succeed
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Despite the fact that social media advertising has yet to hit its stride and is taking some lumps for low click rates when compared to high pageviews, it will succeed. Social media is a different type of advertising platform from information-oriented websites and the two should not be compared.

Yahoo Slaps Down Microsoft Offer
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Breaking … According to reports Yahoo has rejected Microsoft’s $44.6 billion offer and plans to write a letter to Microsoft on Monday outlining its objections.

The Wall Street Journal reports that a Yahoo source says that the Board felt that Microsoft was trying to "steal" the company. The same source stated that Yahoo wouldn’t consider an offer below $40 per share which would cost Microsoft another $12 billion.

Ad Blindness Is Nothing New … and it’s No Surprise Google Is Seeing It!
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Google’s stock is down because its rate of growth is down according to Google’s latest quarterly financial report. Google still had a 30 percent increase in payments from clicking ads, but that was substantially down from the 45 percent increase they had a year earlier.

Official Yahoo Response To Microsoft Offer
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Yahoo hasn’t said much regarding Microsoft’s purchase offer but here are a few of the official statements that are public so far…

From Yahoo Press Release:

Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO), a leading global Internet company, today said that it has received an unsolicited proposal from Microsoft to acquire the Company. The Company said that its Board of Directors will evaluate this proposal carefully and promptly in the context of Yahoo!’s strategic plans and pursue the best course of action to maximize long-term value for shareholders.

Live: Microsoft Wants Yahoo
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These are live notes from the Microsoft press conference announcing their offer to purchase Yahoo.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer:

>> We see this announcement as significant. This is a milestone for Microsoft’s Online ventures.

>> Last night I called Jerry Yang to discuss the proposal. I think Yahoo should be excited about this offer.

>> There are now several steps we will both need to take to move this proposal forward.

>> We believe in the benefits of combining these two companies… now more than ever.

Facebook founder Zuckerberg Too Programmed On 60 Minutes
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60 Minutes did a good job with a segment on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg considering that Mark had very little to say. He seemed overly briefed by lawyers and PR types and as a result was stiff and uncharismatic for someone who has accomplished so much. Mark is definitely more of a Bill Gates than a Steve Jobs, both of whom also started their companies in their early twenty’s. As Bill Gates has, I am sure over time Mark will improve his television appearance skills.

Investor Revolt Against CNET

Updated: The NY Times reports this morning that, "consortium of prominent investment funds has amassed a 21 percent stake in CNet and is seeking to oust the company’s directors and take over a majority of its board".

Monster Buys Affinity Labs For $61 Million Cash
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Monster Worldwide, Inc. announced the purchase of Affinity Labs‘ year old network of vertical community sites for $61 million cash today.

Video Ads Cost Roughly Same As Banners

The price of video ads are $10 – $90 per thousand views according to a report out today.

WebVideoReport wrote an article that reviewed the ad sales web pages of eight sites that sell video ads.  The prices noted are public asking prices which are typically discounted or included at low cost or free with purchase of other web ad inventory. 

Only three of the eight sites provided their rates on a standard CPM basis:

Monday Morning Link Fest …
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From Apple to Microsoft to Google, there is hot news written. Below are some of the more interesting articles involving eBusiness and search today.

Another obvious patent gets paid off by Apple. Apple has agreed to pay Burst a $10 million payment for infringing on its 1990 streaming video technology patent.

What’s Interesting In eBusiness & Search?

I subscribe to hundreds of RSS feeds in order to keep up with the world we cover here at WebProNews… eBusiness and search. Here are some of the more interesting blog posts and news articles from around the web.

Ted Murphy - Founder/CEO PayPerPost

What Would a Non-AP World Look Like?
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In a previous article I wrote that the AP is dead, killed by blogs and aggregation. A reader named Chip asked, "And then what? So if AP is dead, what about the content creators?

This discussion was prompted by a speech by the CEO of AP here.

Chip continued,

AP Is Dead … Killed By Blogs & Aggregation
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Old media is epitomized by no news source more than the Associated Press. Literally thousands of journalists are employed around the world to bring current event coverage to readers of thousands of newspapers and their online sites.