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Obama Slams the iPad, iPod, XBox and Playstation
· 28

Does President Obama realize that the iPod, Xbox and Playstation are specifically designed to be distractions, diversions and a form of entertainment? 

In a speech to the graduating class today at Hampton University in Virginia Obama said this:

Google May Quit China
· 4

Google released a stunning blog post that details a "sophisticated and targeted attack" on Gmail that "resulted in the theft of intellectual property from Google".

Google notes that the attack was not just on Google infrastructure but also on more than twenty other companies from various industries. Google states that they are working with the authorities in the U.S. and will be notifying the companies of the breaches.

YouTube: Rush Limbaugh Says Nothing Was Wrong
· 8

Rush Limbaugh was released from the hospital today and says doctors found nothing wrong. It makes you wonder if the thousands of hysterical people wishing Rush Limbaugh death on Twitter are feeling a little foolish. Probably not. :)

Below is the video of Rush speaking to the press about his good health: 

Liberal Twitter Users Rejoice at Rush Limbaugh’s Hospitalization
· 218

Health Update from RushLimbaugh.com (1:30 AM EST Thursday)

A Convenient Content Truth
· 52

Big businesses with huge pageviews fueled by Google have emerged in recent years that exist only because of a unique SEO / Adwords relationship with Google. Google gives them a huge presence in the long tail SERPS and they in turn give Google increased revenue by being a Google Adsense partner. Not just any Adsense partner, but a Google partner that turns Google search generated traffic into billions of Adwords clicks totaling tens of billions of dollars. 

Google Seeking Not To Cross The Creepy Line
· 32

Google CEO Eric Schmidt while appearing on Fox Business made some interesting comments about Google’s emergence as a huge Microsoft-like business power. I thought most interesting was Schmidt’s statement about Google becoming like Microsoft, "Hopefully, we won’t repeat the mistakes that Microsot made ten years ago that ultimately led to all these things that happened with them".

Schmidt elaborated:

The Internet is All Over Climategate While the MSM Sleeps
· 51

The mainstream media has its head in the sand again while one of the largest conspiracies the world has ever seen is exposed via Internet media. As most readers have heard by now, years of emails and programming code have been uncovered from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, which is run by the scientists whose research is the basis for the world’s belief in man-caused global warming.

Jon Stewart: Poor Al Gore, global warming completely debunked by the very Internet you invented!
· 29

Quote from Jon Stewart of Comedy Central: "Poor Al Gore, global warming completely debunked by the very Internet you invented".

Stewart continued, "It’s nothing, he was just using a trick .. to hide the decline. It’s just scientist speak for using a standard statistical technique recalibrating data in order to … trick you … into not knowing about  … the decline.

Murdoch’s War with the Aggregators
· 4

Rupert Murdoch spoke last week at the FTC’s journalism and the Internet workshop and again slammed news aggregators and search engines:

Alan Meckler in Expansion Mode Again

 Alan Meckler who has bought and sold more B2B web properties than anyone else is… according to his Twitter post, back to buying again. 

We hope to close an acquisition late next week or early the next. And perhaps another by month end. Both exciting. More…

Our present platform plus coming deals will make us one of the more exciting blog networks in the BtoB space.

Is it Really Crazy to Block Google?
· 66

After all is said and done Rupert Murdoch may still be seen as the sly old fox that really knew best. Many bloggers and journalists have pounded the insanity of Murdoch’s suggestion that News Corp publications might strike an exclusive indexing deal with Bing and delist itself from Google’s search engine.

Microsoft’s Bing Down for 45 Minutes
· 3

Microsoft’s Bing.com search engine is facing a mini PR crisis after going down for 45 minutes last night starting at 7:10 PST. Microsoft used its Twitter account and blog to keep Bing visitors and fans informed:

From Twitter:

US Open Doesn’t Get Twitter!
· 2

It’s always humorous when old stodgy sports organizations make a new rule that implicates Twitter as a problem. They usually get it wrong and what happened with the USTA is no exception. The USTA which is the group which runs the US Open Tennis Championship decided that tweets from players during breaks in matches are now banned because they are potentially unfair to gamblers betting on the tennis match!

Google Announces Largest Website Optimizer Test Results
· 5

The largest website optimizer test to date was revealed which included tens of millions of pageviews. At the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose Google’s Website Optimizer Product Manager Eva Woo talked about the test and its results:

November Nine Set for World Series of Poker
· 3

The world of poker is creating a lot of buzz on the Internet with sites like PokerNews.com, WSOP.com and hundreds of professional poker players using Twitter almost in real time as they play. For those of you who are poker fans here is a WebProNews poker update:

The World Series of Poker final table in Las Vegas has been set and poker superstar Phil Ivey is still in it..

The final table is as follows:

The AP’s Desperate Attempt To Outlaw Search Engine Links
· 159

The AP is launching an all out assault on any use of its content that is not licensed (purchased) for use by Internet publishers and search engines. As I have said in the past, the AP is not just focusing on the blatant violators such as spam blogs or sites that quote paragraphs without attribution or link. On the contrary, the AP is specifically going after bigger mainstream blogs, Internet publications and believe it or not search engines such as Google.

Poker Celebrity Phil Hellmuth Takes Down His Drunk Tweets!
· 7

Poker superstar Phil (Poker Brat) Hellmuth, who first started twittering December 18th last year has taken to Twitter like it’s his personal diary. Hellmuth is using Twitter as a live outlet to express his frustrations after a losing hand during online poker play so the rail birds at UltimateBet can experience the full flavor of a Hellmuth outburst, just like on ESPN’s coverage of the World Series of Poker. (Follow Phil Hellmuth on Twitter)

Note: Since this article was originally published Wednesday, April 15th, many blogs and news sites were inspired to also run stories on Hellmouth’s drunk tweets. Hellmuth has since taken down his twitter posts, but you can still read them on WebProNews.

Bloggers Replacing the AP?
· 4

Yes, the AP (Associated Press) is desperate. Yes, the AP has lost control of the news. And yes, bloggers are more and more going local with their focus. That leads to an obvious question, will bloggers eventually replace the AP and other news organizations?

WSJ Editor Doesn’t Get Internet Advertising
· 3

Wall Street Journal Managing Editor Robert Thomson spoke about a print advertising resurgence in a speech at the Reuters Media Summit in New York. He thinks advertisers are moving back to print because of his belief that print has a more attentive readership than Internet news readers.

From Reuters …

Inside Twitter Think
· 11

Evan Williams, Founder of TwitterOne of the most interesting Internet phenomenons of late is Twitter. It has become a mainstream brand with Internet junkies, especially marketers and web entrepreneurs. Yet, in kind of a throw-back to old school Internet thought, Twitter has zero ads.

The Great Google Adsense Side Effect
· 30

If the Internet consisted of real brick and mortar buildings there would be a construction boom going on right now like the world has never seen. The Internet is not in a recession or on the road to a depression, rather it is experiencing an economic and social explosion of activity.

Internet Layoffs & Firings – Today’s Reports
· 1

It feels like 2000 all over again with daily reports of layoffs and firings from Internet and tech companies. Fourtunately, these belt tightening measures this time seem to be aimed at preventing financial disaster rather than a precurser to massive business closures.

Here are today’s reports from around the web:

- Tucows cuts employees by roughly 15%. (MORE)

Eight Reasons the Internet has Changed Politics Forever
· 11

The Internet forever has changed national politics, and this election year has made the point crystal clear. Below are eight game changers that have made the Internet more important since the last election.

Game Changer #1:

Jupitermedia President Chris Cardell Resigns

Jupitermedia Corporation has announced that its President and Chief Operating Officer, Chris Cardell, has resigned.