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New Froogle Feature Gives Mom Access To Your Christmas Wish List
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If you want to make sure you receive the items you need this Christmas, then you need to take advantage of the latest feature at Froogle.

Yahoo Search Team Parties In Las Vegas

The Yahoo Search team is back from the WebmasterWorld conference in Las Vegas. It sounds like they had a great time conferencing.

The Revolutionary Challenge of Sirius Satellite Radio

The FCC is being cut out of the loop (thank God) via Sirius, its management, Howard Stern and the legendary Mel Karmazin. XM Radio is playing a leading role now, but the real noise is being generated by Sirius.

Yahoo Talks Turkey

The Yahoo search blog team is already in Thanksgiving holiday spirits. In their most recent blog post they discuss how searches are spiking for Turducken, Tofurky and other bird related items.

MSN Search Tells Why Pages Are Not Crawled Or Indexed

Eytan Seidman, MSN Search Program Manager, commented in the MSN search blog on the question of why a site is not crawled and why a page may be crawled but not indexed.

Nick Denton Proposes Blog Ethics Organization

Nick Denton, in his personal blog has made a proposal for an official organization focusing on best practices for blogs.

Bill Gates May Be Single Most Spammed Person

Steve Ballmer stated at a Singapore conference that Bill Gates, “…receives 4 million pieces of e-mail per day, most of it spam”.

Google Scholar Beta Launched To Search Scholarly Documents

Google continues its role as the leading search engine innovator with the live beta launch of Google Scholoar.

MSN Search Blog Takes The High Road

The Microsoft Network search blog team announced a set of principals and aspirations that will guide them in their weblog postings.

MSN: Desktop Search Screenshot Postings Are Unauthorized

The MSN Search Team pointed out in their blog that postings of screenshots of their desktop search product are unauthorized.

Yahoo Has Big Plans For RSS Content Syndication

Yahoo has big plans for RSS Content Syndication according to Jeremy Zawodny, a Yahoo employee.

Blogs: Influencers First, Businesses Next

I’ve written before about the growing trend of using blogs as part of marketing and public relations but how will blogs impact business and society in the future? Part of the answer can be seen in how blogs are currently impacting American politics.

WebProNews In The Blogs
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On any given day, WebProNews content is discussed in the blogoshphere. What content are they linking to.

Google Rekindling the Microsoft Fire
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Google The All Powerful Microsoft Killer Tell us it ain’t true Bill. The revenue growth, the huge profits and great new products like Desktop Search have created a buzz like the Internet has not seen since Marc Andreesen stumbled upon Netscape.

Blogging For PR
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“Blogs and participatory journalism are impacting the practice of public relations.” That line was taken from one of my favorite blogs and I couldn’t agree more.

Web Ads: Branding Trumps Clicks

Internet advertising is often thought of as direct marketing, unlike magazine ads. Of course, this concept makes zero sense and advertisers are finally beginning to come to terms with this reality.

The Blog Marketing Explosion
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There are literally thousands of blogs by eBusiness insiders. This has changed the landscape of guerrilla marketing. At first it was seen as just something cool to do … but blogs are now being used to build personal and corporate credibility that will eventually attract customers (they hope!).

Sun Blog Sparks Novell Purchase Rumor

The possible purchase was suggested by Sun President Jonathan Schwartz in interviews with the Wall Street Journal. So far, Novell has been mute on this possibility. Acquiring Novell would cost approximately $3 billion.

Citing Search Result Counts Is Not News
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Fox News reporter John Gibson argued that the BBC had displayed “a frothing-at-the-mouth” anti-American bias. In response to some complaints about this coverage Fox News said searching for the phrase “BBC anti-american” in the Google internet search engine resulted in 47,200 hits.

Blogs Gone Wild! Microsoft Challenges Google

The blogs and web forums are going crazy over the widely reported story that Microsoft is challenging Google for search supremacy. In an article at Microsoft and NBC owned MSNBC.com, Microsoft said that it is taking aim at privately held Google.

Google Ads Flow To The Amazon

Amazon.com and Google, developer of the largest performance-based search advertising program, today announced a multi-year agreement that will make Google’s search technology and targeted sponsored links available on Amazon.com.

Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work?
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Does affiliate marketing still work?