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International speaker, coach, author & talk radio host, Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, is an expert motivator. She gives you the strategies and motivation to shift your results from acceptable to EXCEPTIONAL in life and business. Subscribe to her three free ezines at http://www.optimizelifenow.com/.
Speak Up!

Ever been in a meeting with something important to say and remained silent? You may have felt the flush of the good idea and the rising adrenalin. You may have moved to the front of your seat and readied your body to speak…and then didn’t. What stopped you?

You Have the Opportunity of a Lifetime

You have the opportunity of a lifetime. That sounds like marketing hype because you have heard it so often, doesn’t it? Think about it this way: you have the opportunity to live one lifetime. Does that make a difference? How are you using your opportunity?

The Simplest Advice

In these days of do more, be more, have more, it may be wise to get off the beaten track and reflect on what is best for you in the workplace. What fits your lifestyle? What fits your integrity? What captures your interest? What warms your heart?

Your 168 Hours

In every week you have 168 hours to use as you wish. Do you really know how you spend them? A general idea of what you do with your time is not nearly as instructional as a clear understanding. Here is an exercise to help you clarify.

You Teach People How To Treat You

So often we hear people ask the question, “Why does he/she/they treat me/us so badly?”. The honest answer, in most cases, is “Because you let him, her or they!”

Work With What You Have

Have you ever taken an acting class and been challenged to imagine as many uses as possible for some simple household object? It is a wonderful exercise in creativity. Try it. Go to the kitchen, find a tool you use every day and imagine all possible uses for it. Well, that seems to me to be the gist of this quote. It is creative to find new ways of doing things using the resources we have at hand.

You Want it When?

People hate excuses. Missed deadlines generate excuses faster than dogs eat homework!

Put It In Writing!

Ever been asked to ‘Put it in Writing.’? Sure, you have. Did you immediately go to your desk and effortlessly record your thoughts and suggestions? Or, perhaps, you struggled and anguished? For most folks, producing useful, credible and appropriate written communication requires careful thought. Those folks are wise. Written communication is an excellent opportunity to showcase your communication skills. Writing something down not only clarifies an issue, it tends to gives the idea longevity, and, sometimes, a life of its own. Write carefully!

A Plan is Beginning

To accomplish something, you must plan to accomplish something. That seems so very obvious, however, most folks in this world get only so far as to plan to plan something! There is even a saying about a road to an unpleasant destination being paved with good intentions”. People intend to sit down, think their lives through, set goals and create action plans. For most, it just never happens. Do not let that depress you. Better yet, do not let that BE you!

Smoothing Ruffled Feathers
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In the world of birds, ruffled feathers is one sign of a virus. Isn’t that also the case at work? Ruffled feathers can spread like a virus throughout your office, department or corporation. Depending on the influence of the ‘ruffled one’, that spread can be fatal.