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Six Secrets to Ensure Success

If there were only six secrets and they did ensure success, would you want to know? It brings a responsibility with it. Once you know the secrets, you will never be able to ignore them, or, to complain about the lack of success in your life.

You Need a Little Willingness to Handle Your Anger

Every person who has ever lived has experienced anger. The capacity to become angry is an impressive gift which comes as part of our biological inheritance, but, what we do with our anger makes all the difference.

Don’t Make Excuses, Make Things Happen!

You know that your excuses are seldom truthful, often handy and rarely productive. So, why make them?

Exhausted or Exhilarated, Which Do You Choose?

The answer to that question would seem to be obvious. If we stop to look at behavior, though, it seems many folks prefer exhaustion. They might say differently, but, behavior seldom lies. There is no question that folks are busy beyond belief. But, what are they busy about?

Draw Lines In The Sand With Ink

We are one hundred per cent responsible for teaching people how to treat us. That’s true! If someone tells a racist joke in front of you and it is something you do not appreciate, you must say something. If you do not, you have just told the joke teller that it is all right with you. It’s that easy!

Would You Rather Be Wealthy?

Would you rather be wealthy or poverty-stricken? Not a difficult question to answer, is it? How do you think your thoughts impact on your financial state?

The Importance of Uninterrupted Time

Have you ever been right in the middle of writing the perfect sentence when a co-worker or spouse appeared at the door with a need? Ever been working on a proposal and just as it really begins to come together your phone rings? Not only are these events annoying, irritating and downright infuriating, they are extremely inefficient uses of your time.

The Art of Questioning Yourself Well

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’ll just have to accept my fate”? I’ll bet you have. Did you find it an empowering thing to hear? Of course, there are several possible interpretations of the remark. It could mean that the person believes they have done everything in their power to bring about the outcome they desire. Then they are willing to accept their fate. On the other extreme, it could mean, “I have no control at all. I’ll have to take what life hands out to me.” It is the latter that saddens me. How about you?

Measuring Your Worth

It has been said that your worth can best be measured by the benefits others have gained from your success. How do others benefit from your gains?

Ready for the Balance Beam?

Success in your career usually means having the abilities of a gymnast–flexibility, strength, focus and skill, heightened by resilience, perseverance, determination and practice. The ability to accommodate change often requires all these things as well.

A Dream with a Time Limit

“A goal is nothing more than a dream with a time limit,” says Joe L. Griffith. Great idea! Does having a deadline improve your work habits? Many folks get so much more done when they are clear about when it has to be completed. Why not do this with the things you want most in life?

Spreading Light

In any circumstance you can be the one to spread light. It comes from your decision within. You choose what you show to the world, don’t you? You also choose what you reflect. You are powerful.

Where Do You Get Your Energy?

The energy you bring to your daily life has a tremendous impact on the people you encounter no matter where you happen to be. The strength with which you act, look, move and carry yourself is a statement. The way others see you greatly affects the way they treat you, doesn’t it? So what are you projecting?

Just a Little Willingness to Love

What is love? A ticklish sensation around the heart that can’t be scratched? Something I earn when I do things right? Something I give to get something back? My definition is that love is a willingness to choose to see and respond to the best in another person, even when they are not experiencing or expressing it themselves at the moment. This gives you the opportunity to be loving, no matter what the other is doing! It also requires that you decide to give up petty (and not-so-petty) judgments of others and replace that with the willingness to see them in their best light. Quite a tall order!

You and the Brass Ring

Your goals usually reflect positive changes you wish to make in yourself, your condition, your health, your wealth or your relationships. They often simultaneously fill you with the hope of life being different, and empty you with the familiarity of it remaining the same! You set out to make these positive changes with good intention, and, all too often, you’re soon soothing yourself with good reasons why you are off track. Sound familiar?

You Are What You Think You Are

You are what you think you are. And, what you think you are is what you will project to the world. Have you ever noticed that some folks get the “Hey, you” treatment while others get the “Yes, Ma’am” respect. Why is this? Some folks simply project confidence, poise and assurance while others do not. It is often the case that those who present themselves well are also the most successful.

The Garden of Your Mind

If you think of your mind as a garden, what have you planted? You know what’s planted there by what’s growing!

Mountain Climbing Over Molehills

Someone has said that the greatest cause of ulcers is mountain-climbing over mole-hills! Is that the way you get your exercise? Many folks allow themselves to be thrown off course by minor or imaginary threats. Often they interpret these as life-or-death, or do-or-die situations. They put so much energy into their worries that there is none available for progress. Some even believe that worrying demonstrates caring. This is misguided, too.

Daily Opportunities

Every day you have the opportunity to do things differently. Every day you have the opportunity to change and grow. You can find comfort in knowing that you can reorient yourself in the direction of you goals instantly by reading them and recommitting, sometimes more than once a day! No matter what you did yesterday, you can choose again today. Are you using that opportunity?

A Good Idea

One of the great challenges in life is to stay focused and not to go madly off in all directions. It makes so much sense, doesn’t it? How is it, then, that most people do not find it easy to stay on track with their goals? After all, they chose their goals, so they must be appealing!

How Much Are You?

You have probably repeatedly heard, “Be all you can be!” How much is that? Do you have any idea? Do you have any idea of how much you want it to be?

If You Want Them To Hear You, Speak Their Language

You’ve probably noticed that there are some problems with our communication system. We have to use words. They are often imprecise, awkward and unable to capture the essence of what we want to say.

Are Your Preventing Your Own Good?

It’s so easy to know what is good for you. You know it is good for you to eat fruits and vegetables, exercise and drink plenty of water, right? Are you doing it? Are you doing it regularly enough to feel good about it? Are you spending quiet time alone with yourself, your thoughts and your goals at least weekly? Are you paying attention and spending time with those you say are important to you often enough so they know how much you value the relationship?

When You See Red

When you are feeling angry at someone, what do you do? Do you know how to express your feelings in ways that are clear and assertive? Many folks don’t. For that reason, one of two things happens: they hold the anger in, and, as we all know, it sneaks out in strange and often inappropriate ways, or, they explode and scatter their unhappiness over everyone, perhaps, destroying relationships on the way! Neither of these are healthy alternatives.