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What do You Mean ‘I’M Angry’?

When you reach your boiling point, what do you do with the steam? This makes all the difference in your relationships at home, at work, and, with yourself.

Unresolved Conflict is Organizational Bloodletting

Unresolved conflict is like bloodletting: immediate pain, a big mess, then, a slow draining while no one does anything – or worse yet, they sit around and silently watch it happen. The results can be fatal. Slow seeping losses cannot be ignored. On the job or in the family, they can also be deadly. We have to wake up and stop the bleeding.

Go Big or Go Home!

“Make no little plans, they have no magic to stir your blood… MAKE BIG PLANS. Aim high in hope and work….” So wrote Daniel H. Burnham in the last century. The big plans are important. They capture your vision. The next step is to break them down into “do-able” chunks, chunks that can be done in even one day. That is what gives you a definite sense of accomplishment, isn’t it? The big plans are necessary, the baby steps, imperative!

Prosperity Begins Between Your Ears

If you’re waiting for someone or something to give you what you want in life, you’ll wait a long time! Prosperity is something you create. No one gives it to you. So, stop waiting and get on with making it happen.


If your first impulse is to speak up when you see or feel something is wrong in your workplace, zip it! Yes, just zip it! Why? Most folks’ initial responses are impulsive, emotional, subjective and void of thought. But, you already knew that, didn’t you?

Superheroes Need Not Apply

Are you a work superhero(ine)? Are you the one who knows where everything is, what everything costs, what happened to last year’s __________ and, who did what to whom when? In addition, are you the one who can fix anything, soothe the raging client and stay late daily? AND, are you the one through whom everything must pass, or the only person who can do specific, critical tasks? Is everyone dependent upon you for something? Watch out! You are not likely to be next in line for a promotion. Why not? You have made yourself too critical to the organization. If you are that indispensable and irreplaceable, how can you ever be promoted?

Backstabbers Lose

Whatever are people thinking when they are two-faced? Are they really thinking that people are stupid and can’t see the forest for the trees?

Removing the Creative Clutter From Your Head
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Have you ever felt that you could really get something wonderful and worthwhile done if you didn’t have so many things to do? Common thought.

A Plan is a Beginning!

To accomplish something, you must plan to accomplish something. That seems so very obvious, however, most folks in this world get only so far as to plan to plan something! There is even a saying about it: “The road to h___ is paved with good intentions”. People intend to sit down, think their lives through, set goals and create action plans. For most, it just never happens. Do not let that depress you. Better yet, do not let that be you!

Put the “Vacate” in Vacation

There’s a good reason why we call it a vacation. It’s the time that we set aside to forget all the have-to’s and should’s of daily life and indulge in rest and recreation. In fact, it’s re-creation! Reduce your stress. Relieve your anxieties. Relax your body. Rest your mind.


We are one hundred per cent responsible for teaching people how to treat us. That’s true! If someone tells a racist joke in front of you and it is something you do not appreciate, you must say something. If you do not, you have just told the joke teller that it is all right with you. It’s that easy!


Have you ever followed a friend’s or parent’s suggestion for a career path or relationship only to find that you were going in a completely wrong direction for yourself? People can be very persuasive…or directive. And, we listen.


You have all had the experience of either having to tell the tough truth…or, of having wanted to tell the tough truth. Two things are true about this experience. It is not always easy to tell, and it is not often easy to hear!

Be Different!

To what extent are YOU making choices about your activities, your values and your attitudes rather than being affected, and thus controlled, by what others may think? It is difficult to be a real power performer if you think it is important to behave like everyone else.


When you speak, who is listening? This is the most important question you need to consider if you want to change or improve your life!


Are you hanging on to anything in life that really would be best left behind? Holding onto things from the past, that no longer serve you in any positive way? How do you know? Here are a few insights that can help you have a “baggage-free” life.

Know When to Hold, Know When to Fold

Success in your career usually means having the abilities of a gymnast–flexibility, strength, focus and skill, heightened by resilience, perseverance, determination and practice. The ability to accommodate change often requires all these things as well.

Are You Disciplined?

For most people, the word “discipline” has an immediate negative connotation. It implies something imposed from the outside, doesn’t it? It means that someone or something is controlling or demanding, neither of which are particularly appealing. When we do think about self-discipline, it, too, often has a negative spin because it is seen as difficult and contributing to failure. Can you think about it differently?

When the Watering Hole Shrinks

I’ve heard it said that when the watering hole shrinks, the animals look at each other differently. That’s the way it is at work when downsizing is occurring, too.

Why Meet?

I was recently consulting in a company that seemed to work on wishes. They wished they knew what people were thinking. They wished they could do something about lack of trust. They wished folks would come forward with their issues rather than chatting in halls. They wished they were “all on the same page”. Why wish? Meet!

Risk It!

“Often the difference between the successful man or woman and a failure is not one’s abilities or ideas, but the courage one has to take a risk and to act on those abilities and ideas.” Those wise words from Maxwell Maltz remind us that success in life is likely to involve some intelligent risk.

Be Bold!

I like what Billie Jean King, the feminist tennis professional, had to say: “Be bold. If you’re going to make an error, make a doozey, and don’t be afraid to hit the ball.” Does the fear of making an error keep you from doing things you say are important to you?

Malpractice of the Mouth

Is your mind your greatest asset? Do you suffer from malpractice of the mouth?

Who Creates Your Good Fortune?

You create your own good fortune. Do you accept that? Do you believe that you can control your world and your life? Do you know that you do not have to accept the world just the way it is?