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Google Simplifies Bidding on the Display Network

Google’s display network is a great way for small business advertisers to dabble in the banner advertising space.

Whilst the planning, set up and management of banner advertising through Google’s display network is fairly straight forward, one part of the process was a bit more convoluted than it should have been – the bidding on managed placements.

People who’ve used “managed placements” in the display network might have recalled seeing 3 default bids for their ad groups – namely:

6 Steps For A Better Small Business Facebook Page
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The rise and rise of Facebook continues unabated, and it has moved well beyond just being a social network, it’s also a vital marketing channel for businesses of all sizes.

While most businesses have taken the first step of setting up a standard Facebook page which includes a feed of comments, photos and helps them gather fans; few have taken their Facebook pages to the next level.

Yahoo Site Re-Design Coming In Fall

After years of poor performances and publicity turmoil, the powers that be at Yahoo! are embarking on one of the company’s most import brand overhauls.

Rumors Of Microsoft’s 15,000 Person Staff Cuts

MS logoAre the rumors true? Reports have emerged that Redmond based tech giant Microsoft is set to slash its global workforce, as the pressure of the current financial crisis takes hold.

Last month, speculation started that Microsoft was looking to cut its staff early in the New Year, with unconfirmed reports suggesting several thousands of employees would start 2009 looking for new jobs.

The Future Of Search Marketing In 2009
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The countdown is on. Only a handful of sleeps until 2009 and of course the predictions are flowing thick and fast. The experts are gazing into their crystal balls and sharing their visions for 2009 in terms of search, social, online, mobile and marketing in general.

I’ve pulled together a list of the best predictions I’ve uncovered so far and detailed them below. (if I’ve missed any – share them via our comments, and I’ll add them in).

Pownce Founders Joining Six Apart Team

The first major micro-blogging casualty has emerged over the past week. Pownce, a Twitter-like lifestreaming service, announced it was closing its doors (figuratively speaking) mid-December.

Google and Firefox Together Until 2011

Mozilla, the makers of Firefox internet browser (the only notable competitor to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer), has extended its deal with Google – meaning the search giant will continue to be the default search engine on all its Firefox installs until 2011.

9 Million Mobile Users Shop Via Cell Phone

That’s right – 9 million US mobile users turned to their mobiles to make purchases. Not just to research where to buy, but to actually burn a whole in their credit cards via their cell phones.

Nielsen Mobile detailed the new report, which sees purchasing of goods and services via mobile phones on the rise. And guess which gender likes spending more via their mobiles. Wrong – it’s men. 4.9 million men vs 4.3 million woman indicated they have made a purchase via their phone.

Ask.com Expands Vocabulary With Dictionary.com Acquisition
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In a move to significantly expand the reach of its network, Ask.com has just acquired the Lexico Publishing Group, owners of dictionary.com, thesaurus.com and reference.com

Problem With Google’s “Search in Search” Function

We recently reported on Google’s new search in search functionality where Google offers users the ability to search a site within its SERPs (search engine results page).

Search in search is aimed at helping searchers get to their desired information more directly from Google’s results. The concept sounds great in theory, with searchers being able to filter through a site’s content direct from the results page.

Well it’s great until it presents competitor sponsored listings when displaying the internal search results from a particular site.

Recession and Online Marketing

As financial commentary continues to suggest a recession is inevitable, we’ve decided to run a series of blog posts detailing ways small businesses can leverage the power of search engine and online marketing to weather the recession storm.

An SEO Checklist for the New Year

While many are using this time to reminisce about the year that was, here’s a simple SEO check list for those of you that are already looking for bigger and better SEO results in 2008. If more free traffic from the search engines is your new year’s resolution – then commit to these essentials:

1. Stop Stabbing in the Dark – Keyword Intelligence

A Holiday Treat from Google & Yahoo

Both Google and Yahoo! have decided to provide website owners with a "holiday season treat" by updating their respective search results (SERPs) – simultaneously!

Both the major search engines have been executing some algorithm changes causing the usual ranking turmoil for webmasters and site owners over the last week.

Live Search Webmaster Tools Finally Available

Microsoft has finally made its Live Search Webmaster Tools available to all site owners, webmasters and SEO professionals.

After a brief private beta, the Live Search Webmaster Center aims to help website professionals improve their results in the MSN and Live.com Search Engines.

Google Notebook Could Influence Rankings

Google has filed 3 new patents for its Google Notebook service which suggest plans to use Notebook listings as an additional factor in calculating Google’s search engine rankings.

Bill Slawski reported on the new Google Notebook patents; highlighting the points in the 3rd patent (Presenting Search Result Information) that refer to potential ties between Google Notebook content and Google’s ranking algorithm.

Yahoo! Strikes Advertising Deal with ABCSearch

Today, ABCSearch announced a deal with Yahoo! that will see Yahoo! sponsored search listings distributed across ABCSearch’s network of vertical search engines and directories.

Internal AdWords Tool Raises Rumors About Rankings
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A post by French blog Zorgloob has raised a flurry of rumors about Google organic rankings being influenced by Google AdWords advertising.

Zorgloob posted screenshots from an internal Google tool that assigns scores and classifications to Google’s organic listings raising questions about the way the Google SERPs are determined.

Google Experiments: Search Views, Shortcuts…

Google has released a new experiments area where users can pilot some of the enhancements that the search giant is trialing. By signing up, you can give them a test drive and provide feedback to help shape their final release.

The experiments include alternative views for search results, keyboard shortcuts and new navigation options. All the experiments represent some interesting improvements to the current Google search experience.

How to Control Your Google Sitelinks

Google have just launched a new function in their Google Webmaster Center where website owners can now decide what Google Sitelinks they want displayed in the search results.

Understanding “Allinanchor” to Improve Google Ranking

Google has several "search operators" that provide important insights into improving search engine rankings. One of the most important commands is "Allinanchor" as it heavily influences Google’s ranking algorithm – by providing relevance to inbound links.

Google Evangelist & Internet Founder Predicts Web Future

Google’s chief evangelist shared his vision of hope and gloom for the web at the recent Edinburgh International Television Festival. Vinton Cerf, referred by many as one of the web’s founding fathers, told of a web future that involved deep space, internet everywhere, and the loss of valuable information.

Yahoo! Overhauls Yahoo! Local

Last week, Yahoo! announced an overhaul to their Yahoo! Local service where improvements would harness the voice of their millions of user reviews, ratings and other consumer generated content to bolster the value of the service and give local businesses a real chance of search exposure.

Yahoo! Gets One Back on Google

These days, it’s not often that you hear anyone outdoing search giant Google on any playing field, but a recent American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) report has seen Yahoo! take top honors in terms of customer satisfaction.

Google Releases “Share of Voice” Impression Metrics

Search engine giant Google has released another enhancement to its AdWords advertising platform which will allow advertisers to get a better understanding of their campaigns’ performance. The new impression metrics are akin to traditional advertising’s "Share of Voice" measurements.