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Rena Klingenberg shares trade show success secrets in her website, Trade Show Booth Display Tips, where you can find further tips on portable trade show displays.
Tips for Trade Show Rentals
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Trade show rentals allow you more flexibility and the opportunity to change your booth with every expo if you wish. You can rent nearly any booth components, from portable pop-ups to completely custom looks.

Selling on eBay? Here’s a Success Tip for Your Online Auctions
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Are you planning to sell on eBay? Or have you tried in the past but not had much success with your online auctions? If so, here’s a strategy that has worked very well for me.

A Portable Trade Show Exhibit Makes for an Easier Show

You can make your trade show experience much easier by using a portable exhibit. Since you control everything related to transporting it and setting it up, you won’t have to hire firms to for those things for you.

How to Sell Your Products Without Competition
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Selling your products at shows can be difficult when you have a lot of competition. Although some show organizers are careful to have a good mix of vendors, it’s not uncommon for other shows to have 20% or more of the booths filled with vendors in the same niche – which is a buyer’s market and a seller’s disappointing show.

Five Tips for Trade Show Success on a Small Budget
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No matter how small your marketing budget, your business can afford to have a successful presence at trade shows without incurring big expenses. Here are five tips for exhibiting in trade shows inexpensively:

Creating Great Charts for Persuasive Trade Show Presentations

A well-designed chart can be one of the most persuasive elements of your trade show booth display and literature. It illustrates to your customers why your product is the obvious solution to one of their specific needs. It can communicate major benefits or features more clearly than words can.