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Rebecca Lang is founder of Lang Design, Inc. an Internet web design and development with an emphasis on marketing website business. Serving businesses nationwide, we are located in Wilmington, Delaware, just south of the Philadelphia Metro area.
Recruiting Through Your Web Site

This just in: there are unemployed people in the United States, and a large portion of them may just have the skills you’re looking for in a worker. The problem, of course, is finding a way to find them.

Who, What, Where, Why, When, How…

What’s Happening?!

No, I’m not talking about Rerun and the gang, I’m referring to the questions a lot of your clients (and employees) probably have: What is going on with your company? What events are taking place? Your Web site can be the perfect tool to inform everyone of all the latest happenings by including a calendar of events which can be used by visitors to your site – and your employees as well.

Three Ways to a Better Web Site

You have a Web site with bright red text on a bright green background that just jumps right out and slaps your potential customers in their potential faces. You’ve got text blinking like strobe lights. Whatever text isn’t flashing wildly is in images that take three minutes to load. Your 15-year-old brother Jimmy, who learned how to create Web sites about two weeks ago, of course, designed this.

So You Want to Be First?

Let’s see, you have just viewed the final version of your Web site, and it is absolutely perfect. The design is amazing, the speed at which each page loads makes you think you have a high-speed connection, and all the content you worked so hard to create is finally there, for all the world to see. So now what?

Getting into Traffic

Assuming your business falls under what could be considered the “norm”, you probably have a Web site. What is its primary function? Is it to sell products? Is it to promote your business? Or is it to offer information to your customers? Whatever its purpose, is your site paying back the money you spent on it? Meaning, are people using your Web site? I’ll bet a lot of you answered, “I don’t know.” If that is indeed the case, then read on.

Getting Good Copy to the Web

Copy? You mean like Kinkos? What do I need to copy, and what does that have to do with Web sites?

Replacing the Rolodex

If your first reaction to that title is: “What’s a Rolodex?” Then you might not need to read this article. (Although I would, of course, have to recommend staying anyway, you might still find the information helpful.)

Giveaways to Win Them Over

People like stuff. Give people freebies and they’ll love you forever. Just watch an infomercial: “Buy this new breakthrough in adhesive technology and receive this free breath mint!” As ridiculous as it sounds, giving people free junk is a sure-fire way to make them buy your product. So just imagine what could happen if you give them the possibility of receiving something they actually need.

Are You Unknowingly Damaging Your Company?

Your company’s credibility is on the line every time you present yourself to the public-and companies are damaging themselves without even knowing it.

Learning to Write Better Web Content

Web content should be both short and sweet to get the attention of the audience you are trying to reach. Writing website content is about brevity and getting straight to the point. Most businesses want to have a very effective Internet site, but are often not willing or able to furnish copy for an effective presence on the web. Below we will help you find solutions to writing and providing good content.

The 4 Steps to E-Commerce

By now, almost everyone has purchased either a product or service online or knows somebody who has. But if you are interested in selling online, you may not know what is involved in an e-commerce transaction and what services it requires. You can divide e-commerce into four simple parts, each to do a specific task.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

New technologies arise every day in the Web world. Six years ago you would have been hard pressed to find anything other than text and images on a Web site. Now nearly every site has Java, Flash animations and a billion other bells and whistles. Unfortunately, These bits of eye candy often do more harm than good.

News Flash: No Updates

Your organization just received its 1 millionth membership, and you want to tell the world – or at least the other 999,999 members. Heck, this is a big deal! Few groups reach that size, but you beat the odds!

Advantages to taking Payment Online

Paying bills online. I know you have probably seen it offered by your bank and credit card companies, but did you know it is just as easy to apply this to your company’s current Web site? Most businesses are trying to improve ways to collect bills to increase their cash flow, but did you think about giving your customers a way to pay their bills 24/7?

Repeat Customers

Getting customers on the Web is tough. With millions upon millions of users and, most likely, a great deal of other sites offering the same or similar services or products, it’s difficult to make a sale without offering an incentive to buy from you instead of the competition. Taking into account the fact that a vast majority of your traffic will never even turn into a sale, regardless of what you do to persuade them, chances are generating sales will keep you awake at night trying to figure out the next gimmick.

Keep Them Coming Back

Getting customers on the Web can be tough. With millions of users and a great deal of other sites offering the same or similar services or products, it’s difficult to make a sale without offering an incentive to buy from you instead of the competition. Word of mouth and browse-in visits will generate sales on their own, just as they always have. The trick is satisfying those customers enough that they’ll come back again and again – a task that isn’t half as daunting as it sounds.