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Transparent FLASH layers…


Thanks for the great article on making transparent Flash movies….

You Know It’s Time For A Site Redesign When…
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Sometimes it’s hard to tell when it’s time to redesign your site. Sometimes it’s not. I asked readers to send in their funniest signs for a redesign and got over 80 responses… Enjoy!

A Dream Come True

The WebProNews newsletters are very entertaining and informative. It is a dream come true to read them.

I always love receiving WebProNews

Thanks for the bit of humor on your newsletter. I always love receiving the newsletter, and find the tips and website reviews very informative.

Thanks For Your Regularly-Published e-Zine!

I’ve been avidly reading in full or at least glancing through for the past 18 months. The articles & tips have been truly helpful to us in growing our web presence.

My name is Ron Parrs & I’m the owner & President of Par Pool & Spa and the website’s webmaster, a “small” company located in Stratford, CT.

Have I said thanks lately?

WebProNews is the ONLY e-newsletter I read. It is by far the most informative, insightful one I have ever read. You actually seem interested in presenting some useful information to your readers instead of hiding a little information among advertising and sales attempts. Have I said thanks lately?

Reader Thoughts On The New WebProNews Logo

Laura Bergells from Maniactive.com here, a long time WebProNews.com subscriber and occasional contributor. . .

Kudos to the Bill Haig article. . .very informative and timely! I’ll be sure to pass it on to some of my clients who are struggling through logo and branding issues.

I read your newsletter religiously

I subscribed to WebProNews a few weeks ago and now I read your newsletter religously. I just read the review section of http://www.landisgyr.us/ EXCELLENT feedback from your readers!

WebProNews provides current and interesting information

I just want to write and thank everyone at WebProNews for the great job of supplying current and interesting information. Besides web, computer, and business news I have found your contributing editors and their web sites to be first class.

You and Jackie are absolutely amazing

Hi Garrett: Let me write you a proper thank you note. When I said I am speechless, I truly meant it. I was not just using an expression. You and Jackie are absolutely amazing.

Why WebProNews is my favorite ebusiness newsletter

I read WebProNews every time I see it in my inbox, or if I don’t have time, I put it in my TODO folder.

I have a folder named “WebProNews” where I save all the past issues that pertain to my work.

Again a really interesting newsletter


Again a really interesting newsletter. I’m a webdesigner in Austria and I mean we are always a few years behind the states. By the way: I couldn’t find out from your website from where you are. Lexington in UK or in Australia or US?

thank you for a great effort into a terrific site

I just wanted to say thank you for a great effort into a terrific site. I am working on publishing my first real web site, and your current newsletter, as well as the links to the webmaster freebies, are a great help.

I liked the article by Jamie

Just wanted you to know how much I liked the article by Jamie. Good design advice is hard to find and her points gave me several ideas for improving my site. Let’s see more articles like this. Thanks again.

Caught Slipping…

Hello, Garrett.

I noticed your comment on sending back an article twice and then when I read it there were two errors in the first paragraph.

If you get overwhelmed by submissions that need help, feel free to send the authors to me.

Brilliant ezine by the way best on the web and no doubt.

Dear Garrett,
Robin’s article in this edition on MSN listing was super so I clicked the link to check out the price reduction..decided to sign up for it…but clicking on ‘sign up here’ only got me an error message. error 800a01a8. No doubt the readers of WebProNews have piled in en force and blown a fuse somewhere. So I thought I would drop the webmaster a line and advise him of the problem….have you ever tried to find a webmaster link on these pages, honestly it’s impossible.

and to all I say “read read READ WEBPRONEWS!!!!!
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Dear Garrett,

I have subscribed to your news service for some time, while trying to get my photography business off the ground, I would routinely delete web pronews, then one enlightened day I read and article about Inktomi and spent $39.99, not thinking much more about it. I carried on with my quest to get listed on Yahoo, altavista etc… with no money to speak of. I was loathe to spend $300 to get on Yahoo and then only on a maybe. That was December 02, this last week I just billed $10,000 of future business, and today I found that my site is # 7 on ‘convention photographers’ on Yahoo. Google is listing my site so I am told,as two of my new clients tell me.

the content for WebProNews is appropriate and helpful

I think the content for WebProNews is appropriate and helpful. I like the in depth explanations and the fact that “real” people are sharing their personal experiences in dealing with the issues that face webmasters and other web professionals.

This week’s WebProNews made the difference in our business

We usually don’t get carried away submitting thank you notes on written content. This week’s WebProNews newsletter made the difference in our business.

Long-Time WPN Reader

I have been reading WebProNews for quite a long time now and I have to say that it is the only mailing I get that I never delete without reading it even if I’m pressed for time. Why? Because it is genuinely interesting and relevant to me. In fact I have kept the damn things hanging around my inbox because I know I will need to refer back to them in the future.. !

From a SalesNewz Reader

I am writing to thank you for the absolutely wonderful sales articles you sent today! Keep up the good work!

You are doing a wonderful work

The best quality of your knowledge with the needed words. Too many words will be a waste of time. Lowering the quality of contents just because someone wants less or more words than the needed ones, will be a mistake.

What skill I have achieved has come from reading WebProNews

My name is Eric Hooper, and I own and operate a company that designs, manufactures and sells Emergency Evacuation Systems.

What skill I have achieved, would have come from reading/receiving your WebPro News, although in the beginning 95% of what you and your colleagues wrote went over my head, but gradually over years, I now believe that only 70% goes over my head.

Like your newsletter

I like the stream lined and do not mind clicking links for more info. Like your newsletter and it is one of the few I have maintained for any period of time. Peace.