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Razlan Manjaji is the web editor for EnergySkills, a professional engineering recruitment and career services firm for the oil & gas industry. To subscribe to their monthly newsletter, send him an email at editor@energyskills.com.sg with the subject "newsletter". Visit their website at http://www.energyskills.com.sg for career opportunities and more information on EnergySkills.
Recruitment Outsourcing – Evaluating Your Service Provider

Recent development in the oil and gas industry leads to an upsurge of new projects, initiated in various industry hot spots such as Asia Pacific and China. The race for the best talent to staff these new projects will eventually begin, and one viable solution hiring managers may opt for is to outsource their recruitment function.

Company Culture Your Best Employment Branding

The signs are in – the employment trend in Singapore is picking up again. As the republic continue to do well economically and register better-than-expected growth, investors’ confident will climb and business will expand. Good news for job seekers, especially those who had just graduated and those who has been retrenched last year – companies are hiring again.

How Can Career Fairs Benefit Your Company?
Job Ads Don’t Sell? Here’s Why!

The transition of recruiting into the cyberspace has been a global affair. On one hand, you are tempted to remain where you are and stick with newspaper and snail mail recruiting. On the other hand, the endless possibility of online recruitment seems very exciting.

Top 10 Qualities of a Great Recruiter
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As human resources professional professionals worldwide can easily testify, the employment and career industry is growing faster than ever. Employment agencies, or what we call as “third party recruiter”, are flooding the market, all offering you “customized solution” and “unparallel service”.