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Raynay Valles is a High-Sales Marketer who makes websites profitable. Her Internet Marketing Ideabook is full of proven ideas to get more sales from your website. For more info, visit http://www.internetmarketingideabook.com or write her at rvalles@internetmarketingideabook.com
The Seven Secrets of a High-Sales Marketer

If you want to boost your website sales to the next level, you’ve got to think and act like a High-Sales Marketer. Here’s how:

Marketers: The Top 5 Things You Can Still Do About Christmas

1. Make Money by Offering Old Friends Something Special.

Invite your customer list to take advantage of an exclusive offer, made only to them. Package a collection of your items or combine your items with a premium incentive. Phone, mail or email your offer. Do it now.

If Marketing is an Expense, Then You’re Doing It Wrong

What do many companies do when sales are low?

They cut costs, all costs, even marketing costs. They say, “Marketing is an expense. We’re cutting expenses. Period.”

The Simple and Surprising Marketing System That Builds Sales

Is your business doing as well as you’d like? Why not? Pause for a few seconds to think about the answer to this question. Got it?

What’s Standing Between You and More Sales?

Are your sales where you want them to be? No? What should you do first to build sales? First, assess where you are. Your answers to the following questions will put you on the road to increasing your sales.

3 Quick Tips for Selling More on Your Website

Recently, after a delicious dinner, a long-time friend said to me, “I’m at my wit’s end. I’ve got traffic. People are clicking on my product pages. Why aren’t they buying?”

Website Marketing Mistakes Smart People Make

You have invested your time and money into putting up your website. Your prospective customers are out there somewhere and you want to make aware of your site, what you offer and why they would want to visit.

How to Make Your Affiliate Program Profitable

You set up an affiliate program for your website and some affiliates signed up. But now you see your affiliate sales are less than delightful.

Why Your Website’s Sales Are NOT Where You Want Them to Be

You have a good product at a good price. You know people want it. Why aren’t you selling more?

Website Owners: How to Get Sales and Marketing Help

Many people mistakenly believe putting up a website is marketing.

The 5 Toughest Problems Facing Online Retailers

What are the toughest problems facing online retailers in 2003?

The Keys to Success on the Web: Pulling Traffic

There are 2 key things website marketers need to know about pulling traffic to their websites.

Website Owners: How Will YOU Build Sales?

Making more sales on your website may be as simple as choosing. Assuming you have a good product, and a market exists for your product, all you need is to add sales and marketing expertise to your webbusiness.