About Ray White

Ray White is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Scoutwest, Inc., the developers of Standard Time Project Management Software. Ray's involvement in software development and project management began over 26 years at Eastman Kodak company and since then he has worked with approximately 30 executives, 90 project managers, 300 engineers, and 10,000 customers. By project managers, for project managers - his project management products help thousands of international customers plan and track time for their mission critical projects.
Project Managers: Charge for Performance to Increase Profits

You’re a stellar project manager, yet you’re only making an average wage. Well, it’s about time you make more. This article digs outlines my approach to a performance-based fee structure It won’t work for all clients, but for those it does work for you’ll see your profits soar.

Key Attributes of an Effective Project Manager

If you think that everyone has the right stuff’ to be a great project manager–think again! To re-lyric a song made famous by the British rock band “Queen,” good project managers are true champions, and they’ll keep on fighting til the end.

Four Crucial Tactics That Keep Your Project On Track

You might think it’s pretty obvious to know when your project is veering wildly out of control. However, it’s important to first know when a project is “in control.”