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Caffeine Use Disorder: Turns Out It’s a Thing

With a Starbucks on every city street corner, Americans are well-aware of the fact that they like their coffee. With phrases like, “No coffee, no workey” and “I’m a zombie without my coffee” a part of the common vernacular, most Americans consume this socially accepted drug on a daily basis, be it through coffee, soda, or energy drinks. But a …

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Swimmer’s Death Highlights Campus Safety Risks

The University of Missouri takes center stage today as President Tim Wolfe held a news conference to discuss the possibility of hiring impartial investigators to uncover the hidden truths behind the death of student and swimmer Sasha Menu Courey. Courey committed suicide while residing in a mental health institution in Boston in June of 2011, after allegedly being sexually assaulted …

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Purdue University T.A. Shot, Suspect Jailed

Purdue University students were shocked when a seemingly normal Tuesday was interrupted by an eruption of violence on campus. A 21 year old senior from West Bend, Wisconsin was shot and killed in the basement of the Electrical Engineering building around noon today. The victim was identified as Andrew Boldt, a teaching assistant for the university. According to Campus Police …

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Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” Still a Clear Hit

This time of year, it might seem like the majority of Americans are nacho crunching, beer loving, football fans to the extreme. However, for a large subset of the American populace, the most interesting details surrounding the Superbowl are not, in fact, which two teams will be facing off. Instead, many Americans eagerly await the announcement of who will be …

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Prince Harry Trades Flight Suit for Business Suit

Palace officials have confirmed that Prince Harry is, in fact, leaving his helicopter flying days behind him. Women worldwide mourned the loss as they realized that no more photos of the Prince looking hunky and debonair in his uniform would be forthcoming. However, Captain Wales is not entirely leaving his army duties in the dust. He has quite enjoyed his …

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