About Rajat Agarwal

Rajat looks after the Corporate Sales and Marketing efforts in Whizlabs Software. He is very closely associated with numerous HR forums and professionals. To learn more on how Whizlabs envisions the new paradigm in recruitment and how it can result in ROI for your processes, do mail him.
e-Recruitment: A New Paradigm

Human resource is no longer considered a business requirement; rather it has distinguished itself as one of the core assets of any organization. The statement by Mr. Narayan Murthy, “My Company’s assets walk out of the door every evening,” truly captures the dynamics of new economy. With such a great emphasis on human capital, it is critical for every organization to resort to means that offer quality recruitment solutions at competitive costs. This is where the realm of e-Recruitment starts. The Internet is no longer just a rage; it has now become a very powerful and effective tool at everybody’s disposal. e-Recruitment is simply using this tool To Hire Whom You Desire.

ROI on IT Trainings- A Dream for Present Day Organization and its Employees

In the present day scenario, every organization dreams to create a niche that is beneficial for both the organization and the employee. With the changing times, the need for keeping oneself abreast with the latest in the industry impacts the actions and strategies an organization may employ to survive. Day to day variations in the industry in turn sets the pace of change that an organization sees in every sphere or area of its functionality.