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Rainer Detering, Senior Consultant, Dipl.-Ing., Webmaster of ICA-D, Germany International Consultants Agency Homepage: http://www.ica-d.de with links to all other services as there are: German Laws online, Inline Skating Guide, and of course World-, German-, Technical- and Cultural- History of the last 2000 Years Online playable Jigsaw Puzzle Applet pages are found at http://www.ica-d.com/puzzle/puzzle.htm All versions may be tested as ShareWare, purchases can be done by Credit Cards using secure US Services.
Keeping Your National & International Visitors Happy

When I read that beautiful article from Jennifer Stewart on the very same topic, I realized that many of us would not have the time to search for and maintain really good stuff to entertain our visitors. And I surely remembered that more than two years ago we at ICA-D dealt with the very same topics.