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R. Michael Donovan is a management consultant based in Framingham, Mass. He can be reached at ( 5 0 8 ) 7 8 8 - 1 1 0 0 . Readers may obtain a copy of the book, Strengthening Manufacturings Weak Links, and other educational materials through www.rmdonovan.com.
Successful ERP Implementation the First Time
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It’s not pretty out there. Companies have spent fortunes on ERP software and implementation only to find that business performance has not improved at all. These large investments and negative ROIs have created a whirlpool of controversy, rampant company politics and even a number of lawsuits. The trade press has reported many negative ERP stories, and even annual reports have pointed the finger at ERP for lower-than-expected earnings. For some, this has created a higher level of fear about making a big ERP mistake.

Developing Your e-Supply Chain Strategy

Experienced supply chain practitioners know that information should be passed on only to those who need to know it when they need to know it and in the form they need to have it.