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Microsoft enters user generated video race

Microsoft has launched user-generated video content area Soapbox, in beta, on the MSN Video site (again a bit late bill) .

Facebook face users ire over RSS feeds

Facebook Tuesday added an RSS “news” feed that informs members of differences in their friends’ pages, like new photos added to their pages or groups joined.

AB Launching Bud.tv

ANHEUSER-BUSCH is set to launch a Web-based entertainment platform disguised as a marketing vehicle.

Online Ad Spending to Increase

Online advertising spending worldwide is forecast to reach $11.6 billion, an increase of 35% from 2005.

Sony Entering Web Video Sharing Space

Sony Pictures Entertainment is making a foray into the fast expanding world of Web video sharing by grouper.com Web site

South Koreans Spend 13 Hours a Week on Net

According to the report by the Ministry of Information and Communication, South Koreans spent an average 13.3 hours a week during the first six months of this year, up 0.4 hours from a year ago.

Blogging Report: The State of Blogs

The blogosphere is doubling in size every six months and is now 60 times larger than it was three years ago, according to the latest quarterly installment of David Sifry’s “State of the Blogosphere” report.

Brits Spend 50 Days a Year on Net

The average British internet user spends the equivalent of more than 50 days a year online, according to a new survey that backs up claims the net is replacing television as the public’s medium of choice.

Kotler Calls to Build Viral Communities

The Hindu Business Line: In a question about the distinction between old marketing’ and new marketing Philip kotler said:

Kazaa Becomes Legal Service

File-sharing site Kazaa will become a legal music download service following a series of high profile legal battles.

Online Advertising and Children

Food companies (no clue why others are not using it) are using the internet more and more to deepen children’s exposure to marketing messages through online games and commercials, blurring the lines between advertising and entertainment, a new study has found.

Social Networking Ad Spending Set to Boom

Now advertisers are also eyeing the booming social networking websites.