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Whizlabs is a leading provider of IT skill assessment and certification exam preparation. Whizlabs' suite of offerings include "IT certification exam simulators and online trainings" for various exams by Sun, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, BEA, Cisco and other leading IT vendors and "IT skill Assessment Management Solution" for Corporations, Training Institutes and Universities."

Ever since its inception in 1999 Whizlabs has helped 280,000 software professionals in realizing their dream of acquiring an IT certification of their interest. Whizlabs offerings have fuelled the career growth of IT professionals working in 321 Fortune 500 companies spread across 118 countries all over the globe.
An SCJP 1.4 Certification Primer

The SCJP exam is the first in a series of Java certification exams offered by Sun Microsystems, and for many it is the first step to becoming established as a competent Java developer.

A certification primer for XML and related technologies
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IBM was the first organization to provide certification for XML and related technologies. As XML has grown more popular, this certification has also gained respect, and now it is one of the most sought-after certifications for developers. According to IBM, the goal of this certification is to equip developers with the knowledge necessary to design and implement applications that make use of XML and related technologies such as XML Schema, XSLT, and XPath.