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New Owner for Google.de Domain?

This is weird. Reports come in from Netherlands a Dutch reader that Google Germany, Google.de, is now forwarding to Marc Keilwerth’s Goneo.de (I can’t reproduce this).

Google Promotes Audio Ads

Google advertises its Audio Ads program, as Marshall M. found out. Give it a try by searching US Google for audio ads.

Google Offering Checkout-optimized Results

Google once more might have crossed the fine line between delivering the most neutral search results, and doing self-promotion in disfavor of such neutrality.

Google and Growing Security Risks

A couple of security vulnerabilities with Google lately illustrated how serious HTML injection, cross-site scripting and cookie theft can be… when the cookie is the Google cookie. This got some of us thinking.

Case Study: 4iMedia Hidden Image Map Links

Kay Schnewerk’s 4iMedia.com is a German PR agency with clients from all walks of life, including (according to 4iMedia) the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The Mobile Chaos Continues…

Today, Google announced another mobile partnership (this time with Samsung), and Yahoo released Yahoo Go 2.0 (this is not long after Ask released their mobile search, which didn’t include a search box).

Google Joins Forces with China Mobile

Google in early 2006 promised they’ll “be making significant and growing investments in China”, with their self-censored Google China search engine being “a necessary first step”.

Google’s Index Size

Google stopped showing their index size – the page count of all indexed web documents – on their homepage some time ago.

Pixelotto – Million Dollar Homepage v2

I like Pixelotto.com, Alex Tew’s followup to his Million Dollar Homepage.

Google Searches Being Used In Court

News.com, via Search Engine Land, reports that computer expert Matthew Schuster was sentenced to 15 months in prison for hacking his ex-company, Alpha Computer Services… and he was found guilty partly due to Google searches like “make device interfere wireless network” that were used against him. News.com’s Declan McCullagh writes:

Picasa Web Adds Search and Tags

Google’s “Flickr”, Picasa Web Albums, added the ability to add tags, and also, to search your photos (and it seems only yours, or those albums you added to your favorites, which kinda sucks – my favorite Flickr feature is still their Creative Commons search).

Google Personalized Homepage Bug

Resistance is futile! As Brinke Guthrie noted, the Google Personalized homepage has a serious bug at the moment which won’t allow you to go back to classic homepage.

UTube vs YouTube Round II

A while back, UTube.com (“the number one supplier of used Tube Machinery in the world,” they claim) complained that people were mistakenly arriving at their site when they actually wanted to land on YouTube.com.

Measure With Google Planimeter
· 1

The (unofficial) Google Planimeter uses the Google Maps API interface to let you find out the size of any area, calculated in acres, square kilometers and more.

Google’s Rounded Corners

Do you want to create dynamic rounded corners for your website? Well, as Zach found out, if you like a risky but fun way, you can abuse Google’s server and use a URL like the following:

Google’s Branded IE7?

When you search US-Google for IE7 (or Internet Explorer, IE, Internet Explorer 7*) you may see a Google-sponsored advertisement for “Free IE7 Download” on top, the snippet reading “Google recommends upgrading to the new, safer Internet Explorer 7″.

Interview With Google Scholar Creator

Google posted an interview with its Google Scholar lead engineer, Anurag Acharya.

Google Advertising Itself

It’s an occurrence nearly as old as AdWords; Google advertises its own sites on top of Google web search results.

What Does Google Suggest?

Ionut queried Google Suggest for what kind of advice people are looking for. Here’s some more, all found via Google Suggest (which bases its data on popular Google searches):

Hosted Business Pages From Google

Google now hosts AdWords landing pages for those people who don’t have a website of their own.

The Google Big Idea Challenge

Sam Davyson says, “This morning in my university pigeon hole I got a flyer about the Google Big Idea challenge. they are targetting grads.”

Google Initiates Global Warming Brainstorm

Google invited students to use Google Docs & Spreadsheets* to come up with ideas for combating global warming. One of the ideas makes it as full-page ad in today’s USA Today [PDF], Google says. Among the ideas:

Wikipedia Comics

Interesting concept…

Flickr and Delicious Usability Review

Balakumar does a visual usability review (in the style of the recent Windows Live Mail review). He starts off his post with: