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Translations and Image Search

Sometimes it’s helpful to translate a word in Google into other languages you don’t speak, and then search Google Images for it.

Rose Talks Digg Moderation Again

Digg’s Kevin Rose was interviewed for the latest issue of Search Marketing Standard (an interesting magazine, by the way), and the topic touched on the subject of moderation again. Quote Kevin:

Digg does not use any moderators other than the 700,000 registered users that participate in Digg. That is the value of the Digg system. We have two people on staff that ensure that the Digg Terms of Use are not violated.

Links for the Non-English Web

I’d love to know where one can submit “fun” links for the non-English language web (I’ve just added translations to a site of mine).

If you have a new non-English web site, you can submit it to sites like Boing Boing, Digg, Fark, CollegeHumor, MetaFilter, and if they like it they link to it. But where do you submit something for… China? Japan? Russia? Italy? Spain? Brazil? India?

Google Maps Gets Up Close and Personal

Holy moly that is a close up zoom of a camel (see my screenshot above) – and it works for other place on Google Maps too!

Localization Troubles

I have a website with a couple of games, presented in a couple of languages. What’s the best technical way to go about structuring such a multi-language site?* Some of the goals are:

Ex-Googlers Launch Q&A Site

This just in: Uclue.com is a new website by a number of researchers who used to work for the (now cancelled) Google Answers program.

This is cool, and I wish my former colleagues all the best! (Disclosure: I watched the site come to life from afar, though I wasn’t actively involved in it.) I’m also happy to have another way now to pose urgent questions, and I’m curious how well the system will work out in the future. Certainly the biggest obstacle will be marketing the service right to find lots of people asking questions (especially people with little time… because with competing services like Yahoo Answers, while you don’t invest money, you usually have to invest more time).

How Long Before Google Acts on a Changed Robots.txt?

Alek Komarnitsky did a little searchbot experiment. For a long time, he had a special robots.txt file that commanded search engines to ignore a

YouTube Content Removal

Rex Sorgatz writes:

When Input Gets Erased On Page Load

One of the many annoying web interface bugs is that text you entered in a box while the page is still loading is erased when the page finished loading.

Google-hosted Blogs – Content Warning

When a Google Blogger blog is flagged by many users, and Google reviews it deciding it contains hate content, then Google may put up a “content warning” (this is not a new feature, it exists for some time).

Extending Google Office w/ Plug-in API

Wouldn’t it be neat if Google offered developers a way to write scripts to extend the functionality of Google Writely, Google Spreadsheets, Gmail and so on?

Google Images China Censors – Friend and Foe?

“For Internet users in China, Google remains the only major search engine that does not censor any web pages.”

The Google Team, 2004

Google is Armed

Ionut found a remarkable bit in a Google PDF titled “Comprehensive review of security and vulnerability protections for Google Apps.” This is from the part on “Physical Security”:

How Not to Make the Digg Homepage

Here’s a surefire way of ensuring your site won’t make it to the Digg social news frontpage:

Google Allowing Misrepresented Result Snippets

I’ve asked Google if it’s a "sneaky redirect" per their webmaster guidelines to send some users to a registration page that does not contain the words available in the search results page snippet (the words you searched for).

Larry Page Talks AI

Larry Page talked about artificial intelligence [Video] at the annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (keep in mind that Google wants to build the world’s top AI lab, according to their internal goals):

Can Google Hear Aaron?

Aaron Stanton wanted to get a meeting with Google to present his idea to them. Only problem? He didn’t have an appointment. So beginning of this month, according to his video blog at CanGoogleHearMe.com, he hopped on a plane to California, arguing that if Google doesn’t give him a meeting, he’ll just be "going to sit in their lobby like a spoiled child in hopes that they’ll change their mind."

VTO – German Google Book Search Competitor

On Tuesday, Mathias Schindler reported how easy it was to access the site of German Google Book Search competitor in progress, VTO (full text search online).

Brin Portrayed in The Google Story
· 3

Mark Malseed, co-author of The Google Story, takes an in-depth look at Google co-founder Sergey Brin and his family, mother Eugenia (NASA research scientist), father Michael (mathematics professor), and brother Sam. Here’s what Mark saw when he entered Sergey’s spacious Googleplex office 211, shared with Larry Page:

Gray Shape on Google Maps

Does anyone know what this gray shape is doing on Google Maps (it’s at Monzelfeld near Bernkastel-Kues, in Germany)?

While it may look like censorship at first, it might also be just missing data, or be due to something entirely different.

YouTube Censors Religion Criticism?
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Outspoken atheist Nick Gisburne claims that the staff of Google-owned YouTube deleted his account simply because he posted a selection of Quran quotations, among other religious criticism. In a video he released on February 8th, he states:

G-Mail vs Gmail – Another Round

Google lost another trademark battle against the German holder of the G-mail trademark, Daniel Giersch, The Register writes:

Pondering a Google Project in Social Space

Google’s Niniane Wang is currently leading a team of Googlers to develop a new product in the social application space.

Google AdSense Ad Placement Channels

AdSense has a new feature that allows you to define ad placement channels for Google’s site targeting feature.