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Mozilla’s Top Revenue’s From Google

Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker in a blog post writes:

Mozilla’s revenues (including both Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation) for 2006 were $66,840,850, up approximately 26% from 2005 revenue of $52,906,602. As in 2005 the vast majority of this revenue is associated with the search functionality in Mozilla Firefox, and the majority of that is from Google.

Tech Company Censorship Penalties Coming

Forbes reports:

IMAP Support for Gmail

Gmail seems to be rolling out IMAP support. IMAP is short for Internet Message Access Protocol and allows you to access your Gmail emails from other clients, like Outlook or Thunderbird.

Disabling Specific Google Sitelinks

Google sitelinks are the navigational links displayed in search results, below a site (this typically happens for your site if you search for the site’s title, but note it only happens for some sites out there).

Chinese Searches Hijacked

Domains containing the word “search” in China were hijacked yesterday… pointing to search engine Baidu (and partly, another government website).

Google’s Blogging

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land interviewed Karen Wickre, “mother of Google’s blogs”, on her work as editor & “gatekeeper” of the official Google blogs.

Google Health Announced for Next Year

Google’s Marissa Mayer, who replaced now ex-Google employee Adam Bosworth as manager of the Google Health product team, said Google Health will officially appear in early 2008. (Screenshots of the product already circulated.)

Google Docs Mobile Launches

Google Docs Mobile went live now, after traces of it were spotted a month ago. It’s a minimalist reformatting of the “Google Office suite" for cellphone display.

Hiding, Color Rules Added to Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets has several new features, as a Google Docs Guide in the official help group on the subject announced today:

Refer People to Amazon MP3s, Earn Money

Amazon recently launched their copyright-restriction-free MP3 download service AmazonMP3.com (with around 2 million songs, but available to US customers only).

Google Analytics Event Tracking, Site Search Reports…

Google announced that their server traffic tracker Analytics is starting to roll out a couple of new features in the coming weeks. Also – good timing – a new version of the desktop sibling to Analytics, Urchin, will be available.

Google’s URL Spellchecker

Google started to sometimes show URL suggestions if you used the search box as “address box” but mistyped the address.

Google Versus Facebook

Some Google employees are leaving Google for social site Facebook. Well, “some” isn’t a trend, but a couple of the remarks of those that left offer insightful perspectives.

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Google-owned YouTube has the following notice on their upload page:

Do not upload any TV shows, music videos, music concerts, or commercials without permission unless they consist entirely of content you created yourself. Please refer to our Copyright Tips page for some guidelines and links to help you determine whether your video infringes someone else’s copyright.

Jeff Atwood comments:

Google and Trademark Laws

Greg Lastowka is an Associate Professor of Law at the Rutgers School of Law, Camden, and he finished a (draft) paper titled Google’s Law [PDF], which he says is a discussion of trademark law matters and the suits against Google for its AdWords practices (with some general Google history thrown in). Greg wraps it up for us: 

Search Google for Extra Large Images

Google Images has a new* search option to find extra-large images only. Previously, you were only able to toggle between large, medium and small**.

Track Your Friends Web Activities with Friendfeed

Friendfeed is a cool new service by ex-Gmail and “don’t be evil” inventor Paul Buchheit. Friendfeed (which partly looks Google-like, too) tries to solve the problem of keeping track of your friends activities on the multitude of social networks, blogging tools, photo upload sites and so on… a kind of meta aggregator, sitting on top of popular websites watching for news.

How Well Does Google Translate Idioms?

Google once boasted that their in-house machine translation efforts are award-winning. However, their internal software still hasn’t been released for all the translation language pairs their offer.

Yahoo’s Search Assistant and Universal Search

Yahoo is putting some extra heat on Google in the competition for best search engine.

Google XSS Exploit May Show Private Data

In the recent days, an unusually high amount of Google-related security issues have been reported on the web.

Google Book Search Homepage Redesign

The Google Book search homepage just received a redesign (some of you were able to spot this prototype before, but it just went live for all). It now looks more like book shelf than straight-forward search engine; instead of the typical Google logo + input box, you’ll be seeing a couple of pre-selected covers as images, making for a more explorative approach.

Google Marketing Duplos

Shimon Sandler, a rather large advertiser with Google AdWords, received a surprise gift from Google today.

Rumor: Google Planning Giant Undersea Cable?

Grahame Lynch of CommsDay reports (my emphasis):

Zimbra Acquired by Yahoo

Yahoo just acquired Zimbra for 350 million bucks, TechCrunch reports and Yahoo confirms. In Zimbra’s own, slightly cryptic words…