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A List of Google’s Money Making Products
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Below overview checks which Google products directly make money for Google in terms of being paid for by the user, or having ads or affiliate links. Indirect effects on revenues (as well as some other things) are disregarded for this purpose, but not because the effects are necessarily neglible.* The table is just an estimate – if you see ommissions or misses please comment and I’ll update the table.

YouTube Unveils High Definition Category Page

YouTube now has a page listing videos specifically available in high definition. Also, these HD videos now open in a larger player than before, pushing features like comments, the ad box, or related videos down the page a bit. Note you still need to click “watch in HD” when on the video page.

Displaying Images Directly From The Brain

The Pink Tentacle blog writes (update: currently getting a quota exceeded message there):

Yahoo’s Guide to Laying Off Workers

Google’s frenemy Yahoo is laying off many people and provides a detailed guideline for management on how to tell employees the news. The guideline, which was leaked to Valleywag, contains instructions like the following:

Picasa Web Albums Get Lock Option

Google added an option to their photo gallery app Picasa Web Albums offering you to lock albums. The option is named “Sign-in required to view,” meaning only people you share the album with are meant to access it, after signing in with their Google account.

The Android Phone T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile’s G1 phone was officially announced today. It’s going to be the first mobile phone based on Android, the Google-and-partners powered (and supposedly soon to be open source released) mobile operating system.

YouTube Rolling Out HotSpots

AdvertisingAge reports that YouTube will roll out a feature called “HotSpots” as part of YouTube Insight. According to the report, this will let you know where viewer interest in a given video of yours picks up, or drops off:

Google’s New News Archive

 Google announced they’ve expanded their Google News Archive search to now show much more historical newspapers.

Google Chrome Gets Slapped Around in Germany

It doesn’t get any more “official” than this here. Yesterday, Saturday at around 20:07, Germany’s oldest and perhaps biggest prime time news Tagesschau announced the following under the headline “Warning against internet browser"*:

The Cost Of A Video Ad On YouTube

$175,000 per day, says Forbes in July, with an additional $50,000 that need to be spent on Google/ YouTube ads. (New ad formats may come up too, Silicon Alley Insider reports.)

Google’s Olympic Extravaganza

Today is the day of the Beijing 2008 Olympic opening ceremony. Already, Google launched multiple special sites and services for the Olympics. Thanks to everyone providing pointers for this!

Google’s main Olympics site

How Is Google Ranking Knol Articles?

Some people noticed Knol articles are already sometimes ranking very well in Google results, even though Google promised Knol articles wouldn’t get any artificial boost.

Google Knol Launches

Google went live with Knol, a platform to read and write articles on all kinds of subjects. Knol was being tested privately since some time and had been pre-announced back in 2007. The address is knol.google.com, but notably not knol.com or knol.org or even googleknol.com. This project is somewhat reminiscent of Wikipedia, though there are many differences as well.

Walking Directions For Google Maps Is Live

Google Maps walking directions had been spotted by some users before, and now they’re being rolled out for everyone, as Search Engine Roundtable reports.

Google In Lawsuit Over ‘Google AdSense for domains’

Google pays domain parkers by allowing them to run a special AdSense program. Titled “Google AdSense for domains”, this program now reportedly triggered a class-action lawsuit which alleges “that Google committed fraud, business code violations, and unjust enrichment by selling ads that were unlikely to generate conversions”.

Adult Themed Rooms Pop Up In Google’s Lively

The graphics in Google’s 3D chat world Lively shine, but behind the scenes the Lively team also seems busy squashing minor and major early-release bugs. And since some days, Lively got its first social phenomenon, too: the almost meme-like creation of cyber sex rooms. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, or is there?

Google News Experience Slow Growth?

The New York Times says that Google News, Google’s semi-automated mainstream and blog news indexing service, is experiencing slow growth:

… traffic growth is sluggish. With 11.4 million users in May, Google News ranked No. 8 among news sites, far behind Yahoo News, which was No. 1 with 35.8 million visitors, according to Nielsen Online.

Toddlers Get Their Own YouTube

Totlol is a community-moderated video site for “those between the ages of 6 months and 6 years.” Its video embeddings – like the Googleheads song – are based on the YouTube API, making for a customized, integrated look*.

FriendFeed Adds Private Areas

FriendFeed (the social news streamer run by a team of by now seven ex-Google employees) got a new tab on top to create rooms. A room is a public or private area for discussions circling around one topic, group or need. For instance, you could create an invite-only room for discussing a specific work project, adding some other FriendFeed members.

YouTomb Picking Up YouTube’s Scraps

YouTomb is a research project by the MIT “that tracks videos taken down from [Google-owned] YouTube for alleged copyright violation,” as the site explains.



Google China Helping In Earthquake Aid

Google China has launched a multitude of help efforts for people looking for information in relation to the disastrous May 12th earthquake centered in Sichuan province. Some days ago, the Google China homepage linked to a special Google Maps layer, as previously mentioned:

Google Says Goodbye To “Hello”

Google is shutting down Hello, Picasa’s photo sharing service which was part of the Picasa acquisition back in 2004. On the program, Wikipedia writes:

Google’s Headquarters – Playboy Mansion Of The 21st Century

Jon Carroll of the San Francisco Chronicle today writes about his experience visiting the Google headquarters, and he’s reminded of another building:

Google’s Elliot Schrage Leaves For Facebook

Elliot Schrage has left Google to join Facebook, BoomTown reports.