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Is your website undermining your entire business?

Business isnt easy. When you are in business, like everyone else, you do everything you possibly can to look professional and create a positive impression. You want to be taken seriously and have invested a great deal of time, money and effort over the years building your business and carefully creating the right impression and image to your potential customers.

You cant just build a website and hope it works!

Like any area of business your website needs some effort from you if its going to be successful. You’d be foolish to just build any old website and hope it works. Yet this approach, or rather lack of approach, is still widespread on the internet. Businesses still dont seem to understand what the internet can do to benefit them and their customers. They just dont get it.

How to get your business online

This article is for all those who have asked “how do I get my business online?” or have just plain been putting it off because you dont know where to start or who can help or how much it will cost.

Focus! Focus! Focus!

The success of your online business relies on you making sales, actually selling your product or service to paying customers. The more the better. To get those sales you need to communicate well with your potential customers and make a good sales pitch. What you say and how you say it are therefore very important and can make the difference between your business succeeding or failing.

What exactly do you do again?

We are all exposed to a huge amount of information these days. We are information rich and time poor and have had to develop skills to counteract that and be more efficient with our time. We’ve become masters at quickly filtering out the information we need and discarding the rest.

How to get more sales from your website NOW!

The fundamentals of business are the same online as they are offline. Making income and profit is vital to the success of any business. How are income and profits generated? By SELLING products.

Quick grab ‘em! (…while you still can)

What’s the first thing you want to know when you arrive at a new website? You want to know what’s in it for you, right? If the answer is not much, your finger, which is already twitching on the mouse button, is ready to transport you away immediately to another website that does have something for you. Your potential customers think exactly the same way. They want to know what you have for them and they want to know right now.

How your business can win online

There are lots of websites out there that do little to encourage their customers to stick around or buy their products from them. In this article i’m going to show you a typical example of where a small company has gone wrong with its website.

STOP! Stop right now!

These days we are all busy and under pressure to squeeze ever more into our working day. Often, we are so busy working and earning a living that we lose sight of our goals. This is especially true when you run your own business. You are so busy actually running your business that you lose sight of the reasons that you started it in the first place and the goals you want to achieve.

Does your homepage work?

All websites have a homepage. It is the most important page of your site. It acts as the main gateway to the entire site. Most of your prospective customers will enter through it. Its vital to get it right. You dont want them to just turn around and go away again.

Are you failing to sell your company to your potential customers?

Would you just sit by your business phone and let it ring until it stops? No, of course you wouldnt. Why wouldnt you? Because you would potentially be losing important business and income. How much would just one missed call potentially cost your business in lost income, including repeat business? Hundreds? Thousands? More? Now, consider your website in the same way. If your website isnt answering your potential customers needs and encouraging them to buy from you, you can be losing just as much business and income, or even more.

PLEASE dont make the biggest mistake on the internet today!

Everyday I see a common mistake being made on websites all over the Internet. It results in lost customers, lost sales, poor visitor figures, lost profits and more. In short, it has a negative impact on all aspects of the website and company concerned. Its also completely unnecessary and costing businesses dearly. Rectifying this one mistake would transform websites and businesses increasing sales, profits, customers, recommendations, etc.

Customers, we want it ALL dont we?

It is the information age. We’ve never had so much access to so much information (and services) from the convenience of our own home, workplace and now even from public and mobile phones. As individual customers we are now used to having all that access and at anytime that suits us. It is supreme convenience and on our terms.

What can the Internet REALLY do for me? – 12 KEY BENEFITS

In my conversations with business people i’ve noticed a surprising lack of understanding about the Internet and its potential for their business. Most know it is important for business in general but dont really know why. Few really understand what it can specifically do for their organisation, “What can the Internet really do for me?” This article aims to answer this fundamental question by identifying some key benefits to help you start reaping the benefits of the internet for your business today.

Unlock your website sales just by counting

A conversation is always much more interesting if the other person has a genuine interest in you and your interests. We all respond to that. The same is also true in a sales conversation, customers respond to that too. Potential customers will be much more likely to buy from you if they feel that you are genuinely interested in them and the problem or need they have. However, it must show by being clearly visible in the language that you use in your website’s text content.

How to de-junk your website

Like any other space, websites gather junk over time too. Before you know it, your whole website is slowed down and losing sales because of it. Its time to clear it out and ensure your website is working at its most effective and selling your products at every opportunity and not losing sales at every opportunity.

The Internet – its a people thing

The Internet. Its designed and built by people for people. People from all over our huge planet have had some input into it. It has been and will continue to be built by millions of people from different countries, religions, timezones, attitudes, ages, occupations, languages, origins, cultures, etc. They may be professional or amateur.

The WOW! factor – Have you got it?

Every so often you suddenly come across one website that makes you sit up and pay attention. There’s just something about this particular site that really works and draws you in right from the start. You perhaps can’t even put your finger on what makes it work. It just does.

What Your Website REALLY Says About You And Why It Matters

Everything you say and do says something about you. This has never been more true than in a text based environment like the Internet. You only have one chance to put across what you want to say. Use it wisely.