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The Three Types Of Searches
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Bill from SEO By The Sea published a good article entitled "Writing Content for Small Businesses Online", in which he talks about search taxonomies.

For those new to the topic, I thought I’d go over it, and show it applies to SEO strategy.

Is SEO’s Demise On The Horizon

"SEO as we know it will be dead within the next 2 years – true or false? With the wealth of info at their fingertips combined with localized, customized search to name but a few Google will no longer need to do what it does now to determine rankings?"

I’d say "false".

Linking Out Can Be A Valuable Marketing Strategy

Linking out is a valuable marketing strategy on a number of levels.

It increases the utility of your site. People will see you as being helpful. People will see you as non-partisan i.e. not always favoring your own stuff. Webmasters may see your inbound link in their logs and follow them back to you. Links are, at the most fundamental level, a connection between people.

Should You Buy Links?

This old chestnut.

There is a post over at Search Engine Land by Danny Sullivan entitled "Conversation With An Idiot Link Broker". To cut a long story short, some guy tries to broker a link deal with Danny, seemingly not knowing who Danny is, and Danny plays him along. Danny reports him to the Google spam team.

For the sake of furthering discussion, I’ll play devils advocate :)

The Keywords That Sell

You’ve researched your keywords. You’ve chosen keywords that relate to to your area of business. You’ve put in the hard yards in order to achieve good rankings. You’ve paid for PPC listings.