About Per Strandberg

Per Strandberg work wirh data backup and security. He operates a data backup information site at http://www.data-backup-and-storage.com Learn more on tape technologies for storage here at http://www.data-backup-and-storage.com/tape-backup-drives.html
Can you restore data from your backup?

Many users don’t test their backups. This is because they don’t take the time or they don’t know the steps to take. This means that there is a risk that the restoration of their system will not work nor can they be sure that they are able to retrieve individual files.

Make Data Backup Over the Internet!

Why should you backup your data on the Internet?

Is DVD Storage An Attractive Alternative For Your Computer Backup?

If you have a computer for home use or for your business and don’t take comprehensive backup for full protection then you are in the danger-zone. Maybe you do not take any backup at all.

Increase your Web Page traffic by up to 100%!

Have you optimized your web pages in order to receive traffic from the major search engines (SE) like Google, Yahoo or Msn?