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The “Less Is More” Tease

A Site Review Of Gaslamp.org By Jonathan Hilgeman of SiteCreative.com.

Two thumbs up for the front page. It feels JUST right! The black background and the jazz/trumpet player goes hand-in-hand with the idea of a fun night for me, and I’m not even that much into jazz.

No White Text On A Black Background

A Site Review Of Gaslamp.org By Michael E. Black of Tec-Inc.com.

My first observation was the black background with white text. White text is very difficult to read on any background color. So anywhere on the site where a choice is made to white text, my vote is to change the plan. White text should only be considered when it is large bold lettering done for emphasis. You do not want your patrons to be straining to read your content.

Four Key Usability Issues

A Site Review Of Gaslamp.org By Doug Render of SiteTechnician.com.

This site has several usability issues. Please find below information describing each of these 4 types of usability problems SiteTechnician can help you identify and correct.

Go For A Total Redesign

A Site Review Of Gaslamp.org By Roland VonOhlsen of VWebWorld.com.

1. The first impression – a lot of information! First page “New Orleans-y”. Mutliple marketing “messages” which is understandable given the variety of resources. A more compact design, perhaps using the site index on the first page.

Continuous Communication: Making Your Site Speak

A Site Review Of Ent Federal Credit Union By Edward Hadome of EdwardHadome.com.

From what I see the major problem comes from the home page. After reading through the profile of your business, I automatically created an image in my head of what a financial institution website would look like. What I pictured in my mind is that of a site with a feel of the corporate world. But this wasn’t the first impression I got.

The Flow Of Site Content

A Site Review Of Ent Federal Credit Union By Cooper Grigs of qualityservice.org.

The navigation works for finding things quickly if someone knows exactly what they want. You may want to try consolidating some functions/pages into similar groups and allow the user to find what they need that way. Users want to click more than they want to read. There is something about clicking that gives the feeling of progress when searching for something.

Redesign Criteria

A Site Review Of Ent Federal Credit Union By Jonathan Hilgeman of SiteCreative.com.

Before I venture into the content portion of this review, let me start with the design. Put bluntly, you need a re-design. Some people can go without one – yours could definitely use it.

BrainStorms: 10 Reviews To Help You Tweak Your Site

A Site Review Of Ent Federal Credit Union By Ten Readers.

Check out these reviews for design ideas. There’s nothing like your peers to tell you what’s wrong with your site.