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Site Improvements That Will Boost Business

I visited the Kiyonna site and here is some quick feedback for the site owners.

White Text, Black Background: No!

The home page jumps out and says “professionally designed site for a professional company”. The five picture set consists of good quality images obviously taken by a professional photographer in a home catalogue layout style and I like the olive background colour and the way it merges from the black.

Is Your Site Too Vampy?

I took a look at kiyonna.com and had a few thoughts to share. My first thought, even when I first saw the thumbnail link on webpro was that it was a porn site. The women are in such “vampy” moods and so intimate with each other, it definitely does not say clothes to me. It is OK, but I think it might make some people feel like the site is not for them. Even when I went to the home page it took me a bit to grock that the site was for womens clothes.

Keep Your Fonts Crispy

I am a woman of plus size and was very interested in viewing your site as I have an interest in your product. I am using Internet Explorer 5.0, 800 X 600, my screen is about 13″.

Making Chic Fonts

Overall I like the design and layout and I think it works well. The colors give it a very classy look and suggests a high-quality product. The product page seems very intuitive and I am a big fan of the “We also recommend..” cross-sell approach. I think this sets the stage for a functional shopping cart, which maximizes impulse puchasing trends. I think this a great design. It is easy to use and again, very intuitive.

Help Visitors Touch Your Site

First, the site looks polished and professional. Nice clean lines and a good choice of black for the background since black is very slimming. Good location for the phone number and search bar. These are very prominent. However, I would probably go with white for the phone number to make it stand out more. It looks a little fuzzy in gray. In terms of the menu choices at the top, I would move these to just above the dark gray and move the KIYONNA logo up to the top. Your eye tends to stop at the logo and you initially miss the menu choices at the top.

Designing For The International Community

This is a peer review of Inf-inet.com by Julian Tandy, webmaster: Nissan Rally Raid Team.

Oh dear! The Inf-Inet site failed my first and most critical site test – download time. The site may be fine for a US broadband audience but for us slow poke modem bound Europeans it is to slow to load.

Clean Concepts: Address Your Visitor’s “Pain”

This is a peer review of Inf-inet.com by Ken Hablow.

Inf-inet says they are satisfied with their traffic but not their retention or conversion rate. My first comment is, building a business site (not a pure e-commerce site) for search engine based traffic is worthless since Web design is a referral business. It is one based on networking and satisfied clients.

Underemphasize Your Newness To The Web

This is a peer review of Inf-inet.com by Patti Norton lacetoleather.com.

Newer companies on the web do give visitors an expectation of being more friendly. But, many people will not trust the new company as much with their money or their own company’s future.

Can You Have Too Much Content On Your Site?

This is a peer review of Inf-inet.com by Mary, of Contractechies.com.

I do believe this site has too much content. It makes for a messy web site. Simple is better and makes for easier navigation.

Making Your Site Accessible Creates High Rankings

A site review by Tiffany K. Edmonds of Dynamite-IT.

My recommendations for improving Inf-inet.com – in a nutshell would be: 1. Address the accessibility issues on the site. It will also help search engine rankings to do so.

Your Copy Drives Your Site

This is a peer review of Inf-inet.com by Kent of www.discount-leather.net.

I took a look at the site and here are a few comments from a web site, e-commerce quasi neophyte that has made more mistakes than I want to talk about.

Keep Your Style Consistent

This is a peer review of Inf-inet.com by Valeria Vernon of www.vernondata.it.

Well if you are interested in hearing the opinion of a former travel agent turned teacher turned translator and turned web developper and who is turning 61 next month, here I am.

Complete Your Description Tags!

This is a peer review of Inf-inet.com by Jane Sadowy of swaphandmedowns.com.

I like the blue color on home page. The text is great and readable. The site map is great and the side bar is easy to navigate.

Check Your Site For Visual Balance

This is a peer review of Inf-inet.com by Rob Wiley of www.nadmedia.net.

Before diving right in, lets break this down into three steps. The first thing I do when visiting a site is look at the site’s index page at a glance. That involves taking the approach of squinting your eyes and only viewing shapes, checking the page for balance.

Steps Towards Site-Improvement

Check out these other top reviews for new design ideas. There’s nothing like your peers to tell you how to improve your site.

25 Quick Thoughts On Site Design

Quick Site Reviews Of Gaslamp.org by the WebProNews peers.

Here are the rest of the reviews — snippets, quick thoughts, gems of site design. Scroll through them and see if anything they say catches your eye. It might be time for you to redesign your site.

Create A Cohesive Look For Your Site

A Site Review Of Gaslamp.org By Anne Lawrence of Citec.org.

If an older crowd is part of your target market, either increase the font size or refrain from using dark backgrounds. Some of the text was very tiny and difficult to read. Make sure the contrasting colors for text and background make it easy to read.

20 Design Ideas For Site Improvements

20 Site Reviews Of Gaslamp.org by the WebProNews peers.

Check out these reviews for design ideas. There’s nothing like your peers to tell you how to improve your site.

Subdue Your Color Scheme

A Site Review Of Gaslamp.org By Julian Tandy of Nissan-Dakar.com.

Let me start this review by saying that I am based in Europe where 56K modems are the norm and broadband is unavailable for most users. I therefore always have download speed at the top of my agenda for websites and Gaslamp Org passed my first test with ease. The site downloaded quickly enough through my slow gateway, the home page is a mix of text and images so I knew what I was getting whilst waiting for all the images to download.

Differentiate Your Site

A Site Review Of Gaslamp.org By David Yancey of ProWebGuide.com.

Here are some comments from a site builder/developer who also happens to have been trained as an architect originally, and who enjoys visiting urban re-development projects. My quick-scan observations:

Lead Us Below The Fold

A Site Review Of Gaslamp.org By Kera McHugh of Time4SomethingElse.com.

My initial impression of the homepage was “hey, that’s pretty nice lookin”… then i clicked to “history”, having read that it was one of the major attractions… and although it didn’t seem the least bit connected to the home page, design wise, i still quite liked the page itself… and then i clicked “dining”

Rethink Your Navigation Flow

A Site Review Of Gaslamp.org By Bill Bradbury of Identify.com.

First and most notably is the omission of an “about” page. Visiting this page for the first time I really wasn’t sure what I was looking at. Even though you have a statement “an eclectic…” I’m not sure what the site is for, what does it do for me and why would I come back?

Content First

A Site Review Of Gaslamp.org By James Brown of VirtualTint.com.

The first thing I notice upon entering is the title, and layout. If there’s one thing you want on the first page of a site, it’s to know what the site’s about well apart from the tags and search criteria. Gaslamp pulls it off well by having the discreet short line lingering unobtrusively yet clearly with the title.