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Microsoft Reworks Win XP Patch

Microsoft is revising a security patch for Windows XP systems with Service Pack 1 installed after customers complained that installing the patch slowed their systems to a crawl.

Microsoft Amends Windows License Rules

Microsoft will cut the cost and ease restrictions for software developers who license certain Windows protocols to make their products work better with the operating system, Microsoft has said.

Microsoft Research Offers Peek at Future

Some of the best innovations to come from Microsoft’s research labs will be invisible, if they work as planned.

Microsoft Asks Colleges to Teach Hacking

Students will learn how to hack into software and fix its bugs. Microsoft is working with a number of universities in several countries to set up courses that teach students how to write secure code, the company said Friday. The University of Leeds in England is the first to announce such a course.

Army Denies Hacking Incident

The U.S. Army is denying that its systems were compromised by a recently discovered buffer overflow vulnerability in a component of Microsoft Windows 2000 used to manage the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning protocol. However, Pentagon sources acknowledged that an investigation into the compromise of a “military server” is now under way.

Search Engine Aims for Web Logs

Feedster monitors and indexes content posted on blogging sites.