About Pavel Lenshin

Pavel Lenshin is an Internet entrepreneur. He contibuted his NeoProfit System: http://neoprofit.com/system.htm and now you can Check this superb deal while it is still active: http://asbone.com/a/santa/
Earn With Membership Sites

One of the easiest and quickest ways for new internet marketers (and even experienced internet marketers) to make mo.ney online is to purchase products that come with resale rights. That way, all you have to do is edit the .html pages to display your contact information, upload the pages to your server, and you’re ready to begin promoting your new offers.

3 Proven Online Ventures

Today is your lucky day. Because I’m going to show you 3 proven money-makers online. Each of these 3 easy-to-start schemes are proven and backed up by tens of successful stories. What these strategies have in common is they will require zero or next to zero investment of your hard-earned money, except, of course, for Internet connection or electricity.

Affiliate Program as it Should Be

Every off- or online business has a target of growing its market share. Under all other equal conditions the percent of the market, occupied by a company, means certain level of recognition, brand, exposure and, therefore, sales and income.

The Truth About Info Business

Let me save you, at least, several hundreds of dollars you would have spent on different business guides and tutorials, claiming to bring you online wealth.

Autoresponders: Ease Your Life

What every small business operator always lacks is time. Sometimes lack of time leads to inefficiency, what in its turn, leads to business failure even if you have plenty of financial resources.

Complete Web-Site Optimization For Search Engines (part1)

SEO or search engine optimization strategy now becomes widely popular among online business operators. Nothing strange about it as it allows to substantially increase your gross income, as a result of growing traffic or visitors flow.

Proven Pricing Techniques

Product or service pricing on the Net is not as critical as many of you have heard, yet these pricing techniques are important marketing components and should not be underestimated.

Desire, Discipline, Dedication

Somewhere I read an instructive speculation about exceptional role that dedication or perseverance as well as desire play in any self-made entrepreneur’s life.

RP Promotion Strategy

You must be asking what does RP mean? I won’t tear your curiosity apart until the end of the publication as hypnotic marketing teaches. It is Recurring Passive promotion and let me ask you, do you want to get outstanding promotion results, while sipping favorite Cocktail on the couch? You betcha!

Financial Middleman for Small Business

Small online businesses are mostly represented by home-based entrepreneurs. In this regard any payment scheme or system should meet at least two criterions:

Mind Tricking Sales Letters

Hype is everywhere. There are no ebooks on internet marketing, there are ebooks that change your life, bring you wealth and happiness. Guess what happens when these ebooks don’t change their owners’ lives? Right, buyers lose their belief! Today’s sales letters copy writing provokes inevitable harm to customers and creates a fertile land for scams.

Effective e-Sales Copy

Selling online is mostly about psychology of people. Consumer marketing evolves to the extent when right psychology attitude to the customer plays the crucial role in the game called product selling. This process like any other has two opposite effects: positive and negative.

Unbiased Step-by-step Guide on Web-Hosting

No more speeches about importance of your own domain, no more talks about necessity of having paid hosting. If you think your brand domain name and stable hosting with a number of features and absence of ads are not worth, at least, $50-$150 per year, then you probably want to play games, rather than build online business.

Strategies of Successful Market Offers

According to economic theories we live in the world of monopoly competition. That term shouldn’t confuse you, as the meaning behind implies competition between many small or middle-size “monopolies”, that are not monopolies in their direct meaning, as they don’t control some particular sector of economy, rather then they are the prime sources of their unique propositions of services or products. That fact makes them to be a so-called monopolies of their own services or products, despite the fact that a lot of other companies offering very close, in terms of features and benefits, services or products to the market.

Branding for Profits

General meaning of the Brand is quite abstract. In short, brand is the image of your product, if we speak about product branding and/or the image of your company if we deal with corporate branding or, in case with one man business, brand of personality.

Web-site designing Pillars (part1)

It is a hot opinion that “it’s the words that sell, not a design” and that “you should invest all your money into writing a good sales copy and what is left (if anything) into web-site”. I can give you 99 out of 100 that authors of these claims are copywriters, web-designers usually don’t write articles. It is like asking football player what game he enjoys more: football or hockey? :0)

Web site strategy #2. “Stay with Me” concept

The most of what I’ve planed to say is already explained in these three words mentioned above. It would probably be the end of the article. :0) Maybe somewhere else, but not here, as I haven’t yet explained you the blueprint for success with content rich web-site.

Web site strategy: “Buy or Goodbye”

The first popular strategy for e-business websites we are about to discuss could also be described as a “Sale Focused”.