About Paul Fisher

Paul Fisher is a professional in online search. He is also editor of http://www.shoutdown.net and is the founder of the global arts project http://www.theonemillionmasterpiece.com
Developing a Profitable Web 2.0 Project in 24 Hours

It took seven months to get the One Million Masterpiece charity project online. The site is complex and needed the development time, but in the last few days I’ve had a yearning to see if I can still turn around a project in 24 hours.

Lifting the Lid on LookSmart

LookSmart is a global leader in Internet search and categorisation, operating a database of three million URLs organised into 300,000 categories. Its influence is far reaching, yet a succession of recent changes to its paid inclusion program has left the directory misunderstood and widely criticised. In order to understand these changes, LookSmart’s future direction and the impact of these changes to website marketing, we must first understand a bit about the structure of LookSmart itself, and it’s relationships with a string of strategic partners.

LookSmart was the first major player to introduce paid inclusion, and as a result developed an early skew towards the corporate sector of the web. Measures were taken during 2001 to counteract this through the integration of Zeal’s community based website directory , which doubled the number of non-commercial sites within the LookSmart database overnight – and continues to feed non-commercial content into the directory. This gave website marketers the opportunity to submit content to LookSmart for free. Becoming a Zealot involves a few online tests, but means that you can edit your own non-commercial listings that will be distributed throughout the LookSmart Network.

The Importance of a Regional Search Engines Strategy

Competition for keyword positions has increased dramatically over the past year as website owners have started to realise the benefits of search engine marketing, pushed along in part by the increasing number of companies offering dedicated SEO services. The price of Pay-for-Inclusion and Pay-per-Click services have increased in tandem with the number of competing websites entering the indexes, leading to a situation where more money gets poorer results today than at any point in search engine history.