About Paul Chaney

Paul Chaney is Vice-President of Marketing for Blogging Systems Group. He is a well-known business blog consultant and co-author of the book, Realty Blogging, published by McGraw-Hill.

Blog Marketing on Par with Email Marketing and SEO

Here’s a thought followed by a question. Email marketing is a huge industry (many providers, 1000s of companies using email as a marketing tool), as is SEO. Both are accepted strategies, with little questioning of their efficacy, at least so far as conventional wisdom goes. They are standard marketing approaches.

A Magazine for Bloggers & Podcasters

It’s funny what you can find just spending hours on the Internet. I found this…Blogging & Podcaster magazine.

Second Life Not a Passing Fad

CNET says, “Starting on Wednesday, representatives of companies including MTV Networks and its Nickelodeon, IBM, AOL and Disney, as well as institutions like Harvard University, the American Cancer Society and the Centers for Disease Control, will gather here for Virtual Worlds 2007, the first major conference designed specifically to promote marketing in virtual worlds to Fortune 500 companies.”

Turn Your Blog into a Widget

I love it when developers come out with cool, fun stuff and what is more fun than a “widget.” I mean, even the name connotes fun.

No one can deny that the web is being widgetized. That is particularly true of blogs. Typepad has dozens of them, as does WordPress. I just found a site called Widgetbox that allows you to turn your blog into a widget using an easy 1-2-3 step wizard. The beauty of this idea is that it allows your content to be syndicated on other blogs.

Blogs as Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Here are some key points from the blog and SEO strategy webinar I live blogged in the previous post.

IceRocket to Become BlogScour

Looks like billionaire Mark Cuban and the folks at IceRocket have been paying attention to the Technorati debacle. They’re exchanging one odd name for anotherIceRocket will soon become BlogScour.

The Real Value of Press Releases, Search Engine Marketing

I’ve been following a meme lately on the value of press releases. Amy Gahran suggests, from the standpoint of their value as a PR mechanism, that they need to be put out of their misery.

How Do We Make Blogs More User-Friendly?

Have you read the Catalyst Group study about blog usability call Net Rage? If not, you should. Those of us who spend inordinate amounts of time using these things, evangelizing, and otherwise doting over them seem to forget (at least I do) that most people still don’t have a clue as to what a blog is or how they should react to it. In fact, most people probably could care less. They just want information.

Podcasting, Hot or Not

I’ve dabbled a bit with podcasting early on when it wasn’t so easy to do, then dabbled some more since it’s become easier thanks to tools like Skype and Hot Recorder. Yet, I’ve not jumped on the podcasting bandwagon wholeheartedly and asked myself why.

Taking Your Small Business Online, Part I

So, you want to take your business online, do you? Yet, you are, as we say in the south, standing there “like a calf looking at a new gate.” You know you probably ought to go through it, but you’re not sure what you’ll find when you get on the other side.