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Clarifying Internet Security Topics
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Security becomes an issue when one person owns property and does not want others to gain possession of it. Items like a car, house, office, file cabinet and computer have to be protected from rogues who want to destroy or steal them.

Most security systems are built to protect physical items. These security measures include locks, alarms and ID cards, to name a few. But when you connect a computer to the Internet, you are now vulnerable to scoundrels who will attempt to gain unauthorized access to your computer for a variety of purposes.

Don’t Bet on Wireless as a New Business Model

As I previously discussed, wireless communication continues to have a tremendous influence on our daily lives. But does your business have (or need) a strategy to take advantage of this growing technology?

The Anatomy of a Web Site Hosting Offer
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Where do you go when you want to build a business website? You can pay a consulting firm to build the site, but you still need to place the code on a web server somewhere on the Internet so that people can reach it. Whether you are a small business owner or a division manager within a corporate environment, your choices for the location of that web server are limited. You can set up your own Internet-connected web server, but you have to manage all aspects of it from the operating system to the pipeline that connects it to the Internet.

Smart Agents

Your personal, online agent is busily completing tasks while you sleep. Is it a dream or reality?

While the technology exists to help you find online information, is there enough intelligent processing available to create a truly personal agent? Can these “smart tools” really get to know you well enough to make decisions for you? Let’s take a look…

If You Teach Me, I Will Go…

How Streaming Media is Similar to Both a Phone and a TV

Do you own one of those cool video phones that let people see each other while they talk? You know, those gadgets that we have been talking about for over 25 years? No, neither do I.

Where are these devices? One could say that our current telephone lines don’t have the bandwidth to support both audio and video, while others may state that people just do not want to see the other person (or more likely, be seen).