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Heatmaps from ClickTale

ClickTale is a service that has been in private beta for a while, and they now have a blog post explaining their Heatmaps service.

Google Joins Doubleclick Bidders

As we talked about last week, Doubleclick is for sale and Microsoft was thought to be the leader in the clubhouse to buy the advertising company.

Free Ad Serving from Google – Will it Win?

As I already suggested previously, John Battelle has also now posted saying Google’s upcoming foray into third-party ad serving will be with a free product.

Yahoo Getting the Mobile Lead on Google

Yahoo has a bunch of efforts underway in the mobile space, and they’ve announced the launch of their new mobile ad network. I’ve been using the Yahoo! Go OneSearch mobile product for a couple of months now, and really have enjoyed it. It will be interesting to see how Yahoo’s mobile ad network grows as more publishers embrace the growing mobile space.

Ad Networks: Top-Tier vs. Lower-Tier

Mike Seiman of CPX Interactive has written a nice guest blog post on the Right Media Blog about the untapped opportunity of working with “Lower-Tier” ad networks and reevaluating what they can do for you.

Jumping to Conclusions on Google’s PPA

There are lots of bloggers talking about Google’s launch of their Pay-Per-Action (beta) program which is really just adding CPA ad units to Adsense with a name to not associate it with CPA directly.

Getting Your Blog Ranked Well by Google Blog Search

As a web analytics junkie I tend to notice trends and changes in my blog statistics. One recent trend I’ve noticed is that I get more search traffic from Google Blog Search than I used to get.

Online Advertising in The Long Tail

There’s been some talk about how difficult it is to make money with online advertising.

Making a Top Notch Content Website

There’s so much focus in the blog and infoproduct world on creating “quick and easy” moneymaking websites. While it is possible to make quick websites that make money (although it’s much harder than people claim), I’d love to see more instruction like this from Andrew Johnson about steps to take to create a top notch content website.

Right Media Exchange Revenue Grows 81% in 6 Months

We released a press release on Wednesday at Right Media that talks about some statistics for the Right Media Exchange over the last six months. Being a stats nut, I love this kind of stuff and thought it would be worthwhile to share here.

Learn About Your Cookies

A fellow Right Media employee, friend, and one of the smartest ad guys I know named Mike Nolet is now blogging at MikeOnAds.com.

Google Selling PR7 Links For $10k!

While doing some research, an astute coworker of mine noticed that the Google Enterprise Solutions page has links to their partners’ websites who are part of their Enterprise program. What’s interesting about this is that the page has a Google PageRank of 7/10, and to get listed on that page you have to pay Google $10,000 per year to be part of their program.

Compete.com Improvements

Compete announced today that they rolled out some enhancements to the Compete.com site. Compete is now a site I’m visiting more often to research web publishers and get a different look at data instead of just using Alexa.

Video Analytics with Vidmeter Tracker

Vidmeter is a site I’ve found useful lately as the best way to find good/hot videos on the web as it tracks videos across all the major video sites and shows interesting data about them as well.

Alexa’s New Features

Most people know by now that Alexa is far from perfect, but it’s one of the only and best traffic ranking and monitoring tools available. On Friday they announced some new features:

* Geographic user report – See what percentage of users for a site comes from each country.

* Traffic rank by country – This one is interesting to actually see your site’s ranking in different countries.

Omniture Acquires Touch Clarity

I admittedly hadn’t heard of Touch Clarity before, but web analytics powerhouse Omniture has announced that they purchased them for $51.5 million (plus approximately $8.5 million in assumed vested stock options).

What does Touch Clarity do?

Does Adsense Hate Bloggers and Publishers?

The headline may sound a little harsh, but based on their recent Adsense policy updates as noted by Jensense, it’s the conclusion that has to be made.

Google Employee Tide May be Shifting

Google has been the darling of the employee/recruitment world for a while due to their upwardly mobile stock price, reputation, place where smart people are, and lavish employee perks.

Netflix Offering Streaming Movies

One of my favorite web applications and companies is Netflix.

Microsoft Releasing Web Analytics Tool: Gastineau Microsoft Releasing Web Analytics Tool: Gastineau

Marshall Sponder turned me on to a post from Ian Thomas at Microsoft confirming the rumors that Microsoft is building a web analytics application code named Gastineau.

Adsense and Blogs
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I love it when the blogosphere gets worked up and makes generalizations from one piece of data.

Page Share – Web Analytic Concept

It’s been a theme lately on various blogs to discuss what’s coming next in web measurement, and my new work colleague Greg Yardley puts an interesting idea out there for a metric called page share.

Death of the Page View?

Fred Wilson predicts the death of the page view in 2007 as a key metric for web businesses.

Long Tail Questions

I posted a while back about the Meaty Middle, and why it was more important than the Long Tail for the application I’m involved with called RMX Direct.