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Looks Like the iAd Hasn’t Cracked Mobile Advertising

Over a year after Apple announced the iAd advertising format that was supposed to revolutionize mobile advertising, we heard absolutely nothing about it at this week’s developer conference in San Francisco. Apple trotted out impressive stats about all kinds of things, but there was no mention about iAd penetration, revenue driven, or new capabilities. Apple doesn’t really miss opportunities to …

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Rough Launch, But Color-full Future

iPhone mobile application Color recently had one of the most talked about startup product launches in a long time. A lot of that was due the fact that they raised $41M prelaunch, have a well-known team, and the mobile photo-sharing space is really hot. The other reason it was so talked about was because, for a $41M application, the product …

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Why Did Yahoo Miss the Huffington Post Boat?

Kara Swisher broke the news after the Super Bowl that AOL has purchased the Huffington Post for $315M with Arianna Huffington becoming the Editor in Chief in charge of AOL’s content properties. Techcrunch also has the internal AOL memo about the deal.

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The Silly Quora Debate

Over the past month or so there’s been an escalating amount of hype and discussion about Q&A startup Quora in the tech world. As a quick background, Quora was founded last year by former Facebook executives/engineers Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. It raised a nice round of venture capital at a really high valuation for a company that had yet to launch.

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Reasons Why Delaying Your Product Launch Can Hurt You

A common feeling for entrepreneurs when building a web application is the fear of failure in launching one that nobody will use. This fear usually causes the entrepreneur to delay launching to add more product features in order to make their product “better” or more impressive.

This feeling usually just persists though. How does one get over this fear? I think there are a few key points to consider:

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Foursquare, The Next Social Up-And-Comer

It’s funny how early adoption works and how you start to see recurring patterns. When I started using Twitter there were numerous people who questioned what it was, why it was useful, and mocked it. A couple of years later, Twitter is still on a tear.

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Zappos Will Pay You To Quit

As this past year at Yahoo! has been my first year working for what I’d consider to be a large company, I’ve become more interested in strategies around running and operating companies efficiently. My past experiences have been with startups or small companies where a lot of the challenges that larger companies face don’t exist.

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Big Day For Search Engine News

Yesterday was a bit crazy. A lot of news hit, and most of it I can’t really say much about. Just a little rundown though:

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Maybe Advertising Should Go the Netflix Route

This article in Wired is a good read about Netflix’s competition to improve it’s movie recommendation engine.

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Advertising Must Create Value

Scott Karp kicked off the new year with a good post called Five Guiding Principles For The Transformation Of Media Companies.

It’s a good post that needs to be read by every executive at major media companies today, and in many ways a lot of it seems like common sense to those who have been watching the transformation occur and understand what’s going on.

Specifically though I wanted to address Scott’s final principle:

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