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Pamela La Gioia is Founder and Administrator of Telework Recruiting (http://www.teleworkrecruiting.com), a premier job-lead web site that provides thousands of job leads and job resources for the US, Canada, and the UK. She is currently writing a workbook on telecommuting, which offers step-by-step guidance on finding real home-based employment. Questions or comments are welcome and can be sent to Pamela at pam@teleworkrecruiting.com
Breaking In As a Telecommuter
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Telecommuting, teleworking, working from home. No matter how you chose to phrase it, this type of flexible work option is gaining momentum. And it should. Just recently, a survey mentioned on Telcoa.Org, indicated that the number one or number two preferred job benefit for job seekers was telecommuting–even over health insurance! It seems like getting a telecommuting position is the way to go.

Survey Says: Telecommuting Ranks High On Job Seekers List
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It’s tough to find employment in today’s job market, especially if a person lacks a formal education or has minimal work experience. Still, even without such background deficits, attempts to find home-based employment may be fruitless at best, financially and emotionally draining at worst.

Techniques for Finding Telecommuting Employment
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It seems everyone wants to do it: Work from home, that is. Whether it’s being able to work in their pajamas, or getting to spend some extra time with their children, something is prompting people to consider giving up their day job to look for this “alternative” form of employment. The only problem seems to be actually finding a work-from-home job! Where are these companies that have openings for telecommuters? In the paragraphs that follow, you will learn how to research and find home-based employment.