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Delete Files and Folders in a Specified Path!
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A question I tend to see a lot in the forums is: “How do I delete a directory and all files/directories inside of that directory?”.

Dynamic Last Date Modified?

When did you last change a web page? Have you ever wanted to dynamically display the last date modified on a page for your site?

Correct Content (document) Serving!
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I tend to do a lot of document serving in my daily routines, by this I mean serving documents from the server to the visitor (end-user) in formats other then HTML..

Preventing People From Leeching Your Images!

This tutorial will demonstrate how you can prevent other people from displaying YOUR images on their websites.

Creating Your Very Own RSS XML Feeds with ColdFusion MX!
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Have you ever wanted to create your very own RSS Feed? DO you have anything on your site you would like others to have access to?

Do you want to remember your members?

By this I mean, on your login form, have you ever wanted to have a “Remember me” checkbox, allowing the member to not have to enter their username and password every time the come to your web site?

Creating a File Content Crawler with ColdFusion

This tutorial will show you how to create a local file crawler that will enable you to find a specified document type (i.e. PDF files) within a directory (and it’s children directories).

Reading Your IIS Log Files with ColdFusion

Have you ever wanted to parse through your IIS web logs to create a “WebTrends” like application in ColdFusion?

Using Your Database To Do the Work

A lot of people have asked me “what can I do to make the database work for me, instead of ColdFusion?”. The truth is that any veteran developer will tell you that making the database do the work, is the best practice in web development. I can think of a few different ways to make the database work for you. By this I mean telling the database to insert values, create tables and much more. In this tutorial I will show you the basics of how to make your database do the work for you! let’s begin.

Deleting Records From Your Database

This tutorial will demonstrate how to delete records from the database.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first thing you must understand is that delete is final (in other words, there’s no going back so backup your database before doing anything!)

Using PayPal’s IPN with ColdFusion

If you’ve ever wanted to have a shopping cart solution that works in REAL time, but didn’t want to (or couldn’t) get a merchant account, your alternative is PayPal. PayPal is the leading money processing site on the web, with millions of transactions each day! A short time ago, PayPal introduced Instant Payment Notification (“IPN”) which allowed vendors the ability to sell products from their web sites and then update their databases in real time when customers checked out.

What is a custom tag and why do i need it?

This is a question I get a lot when I bring up custom tags. A custom tag is a piece of code that you create and you call it from within your ColdFusion applications. Think of it as a “SNIPPLET” that you can implement at any time, anywhere in your site. What can you do with a custom tag? Well, just about anything!